What winamp skin are you using?

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Post the current winAMP skin you are using now.....

If you dont have one, get one!

~Directions on how to get or choose a skin~



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  • I currently use the classic skin on winamp 2.9
  • I don't use WinAMP.

  • Nor do I. I have it on my main desktop, but I rarely listen to audio files.
  • I'm using the default skin.
  • I am using Classic skin. It does not affect my performance.
  • Q wrote:
    I don't use WinAMP.

    And what are u using instead of it? WMPlayer? or QCD? or something else?
  • I'm using the default one..The black and green one. I guess thats "classic"? Ah well..I could care less bout skins. I choose performance over appearance.
  • duh the one that it stuck on there... i dont waste time with the looks i mean its in the tray anyways..
  • mines not in the tray....I disabled that...i dont like my tray full. 3-4 items MAX.
  • i hide all the stuff and on my shitty reslution i try to keep as much as possible off the taskbar...
  • I don't use it, if i have to listen to music, I would just use either WMP or some freeware programs i have.
  • I don't play any AV on BlacII.1, hence I have nothing installed for that (WinAMP, etc).

  • WMP?? argh....
  • Who knows how to make WinAMP support WMP skns? I know some excellent WMP skins.
  • well u know M$ they wont let that happen....
  • Q wrote:
    I don't use WinAMP.


    Nor do I.
  • the "clasic" skin is called the base skin in older versions newer ones call it classic. i use the base skin in WinAMP 2.91, i installed plugins to allow winamp to play realaudio and WMA's, if i can't use WinAMP to play somthing then i usualy don't keep it.

    as far as tray icons go i have about 15 icons in my tray, but i use the hide inactive icons to hide all but like 1 or 2, i installed 4t tray minimizer to minimzie stuff to my tray and on my older computersi use it to hide the tray, it causes problems if i try to hide the tray in XP tho
  • skin.jpg

    heres my famous cradle of filth skin!
  • well i've decided to use a skin but i can't decide...

    here the latest choices

    WinAMP3 classifeid, i like this the best

    Blue Sky

    and pryce signature
  • winamp1.png
    On the taskbar how I keep it...


    The very origional skin running on Winamp 2.91 (the best version ever)
  • yea sometimes ill to the same fish if i think its in my way
  • If its in the way i just minimize it down to the system tray.
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