What's your favourite file manager?



  • Konq in Linux, Windows Explorer in WIndows. I have no problems with Explorer.


    PS. Yes, he is messing around and yes he uses Explorer.
  • Ok. I thought so.
  • Roger wrote:
    Windows Explorer I use mostly but on 3.1x, File Manager was nice yet I wish it had right-click operations in it.

    File Manager would've 'owned' if it had right click operations.

    word! I dont see the need to download another "FileManager"....Explorer is fine, just make sure you click the button so you can view folders on the left and its pretty damn easy.
  • Yeah, and that stupid large beautiful icons... they slow down your system....
  • ... -_-.... Slash, .... nevermind... don't get me started.
  • I though like the Thumbnail previews in Windows Explorer and I like that icons, sometimes when viewing images, i forget what the hell they are so viewing it makes it a lil easier.
  • Yes, I like that too, but I use ACDSee or IrfanView instead of it...
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