IIS 6.0 in Win2000



  • My schools has like 3 pcs/ student... this should be fun, lol.
  • not sure wot mine was. but they were always complainin that ppl took the mouse balls, the amount of times i told them to buy optical ones.

    then they glued the bottms on so the stopped working after a couple of weeks. then they's buy new ones
  • LOL, you cant glue the bottom, you cant clean out the dirt then.

    I steal mouse balls all the time and roll them down the hall LOL
  • LOL, you cant glue the bottom, you cant clean out the dirt then.

    thats wots stupid, evryones complaining cos the mice never worked, couple of weeks and the went, so they bought new ones
  • Ok, im going to go off topic here, forgive me

    The rason why Linux may run slow for you is because you're using the default kernel from the CD. It loads up the generic modules and modules you don't need. To get the best speed you need to recompile the kernel so it fits your hardware. Using the default drivers and modules is like using old hardware with windows 98, 16 colors no sound and no lan. Most of the time you don't even need to install the drivers because the kernel might already have them. Just have to enable it. Also if you use say a Pentium running at 133MHz and you install RedHat 9 or Fedora Core it will run slow because all of the advances with KDE and GNOME. Unlike the makers of KDE and GNOME they don't make it bloated, they add more useful stuff. Like installing a RPM file with out using the Term window and such. The game that some of us have been playing lately, Enemy Territory I'm able to get 130FPS while in windows I would get around 80FPS to 85FPS.
  • 130FPS is impossible.
  • I gotta play that ET sometime, but I'm a little busy now.
  • oh shit, I think I missed the ET game again
  • Why do you think of me getting 130FPS in ET on linux is impossible???
  • IBMWarp, you HAVEN'T used Linux! Your posts show that... Quake2 could run @ 40FPS under Linux on P-233. Under Windows it was 15FPS... And don't say about Linux if you haven't used it!!
  • Well IBM is gone, I'd suggest we ignore his leftover crap and rantings.

    People used to say "You never got fired for buying IBM", now it's "You never get fired for buying MS". However IIS is used by like 13% of the HTTP servers out there so it's not that big a threat.

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