windows ME saves the day?

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as most of u may know my laptop crapped out on me a week or so ago.

so i installed windows ME, as it was the latest ver/ of windows that would fit on my USB disk.

14 minutes to go.......


  • Tell us when it gets annoying. ME is almost guaranteed to do that...

  • im only usin it so i can copy XP off my server lmao
  • O well in that case... ::roll:

  • i would have done it from DOS but i could never find drivers for my PCMCIA slot/......
  • ok so now it works. ugh IE, ugh dodgy movie after install, ugh win9x kernel.....

    im outta here..... FAST
  • ugh dodgy movie after install

    HaHaHaHaHaH!! So C and I weren't the only ones to get that! HaHaH!!

  • the worst thing is its like a large gif or something cos u cant stop it or anything.....
  • I know! But it's got those [CS]ing X and Minimize boxes so you THINK you can kill it BUT YOU REALLY CAN'T! IT'S ALL FAKED AND INESCAPABLE!

  • it drove me crazy, i just went and made a drink, or 5.... lol
  • Whoever made that should be tried for Crimes Against Users...

  • grr, why is my bros machine so slooow at slipstreaming?
  • Maybe his computer is slow?
  • suppoesdly its faster than this......
  • wtf?????

    i have successfully managed to UPGRADE from windows ME to 2000??

    wtf isnt windows me like a year oldeer than 2000?
  • Uh... they were released at just about the same time weren't they? Did you use a 2000 upgrade cd? Or was it a full install cd?
  • Fullinstall

    but wasnt ME released AFTER 2000?
  • A full install will install over anything. It doesn't matter if the OS was released before or after. But yes, according to 2000 was released in 2/2000 while ME was released 9/14/2000, so much later.
  • it still makes no sense how i managed to upgrade ME to 2000..... :?
  • BOD wrote:
    it still makes no sense how i managed to upgrade ME to 2000..... :?

    9x to NT, seems normal.
  • but you cant upgrade 98 to NT 4.....
  • Because NT 4 came out before 98. :P
  • and 2000 came out before ME.....
  • But they were in development at the same time. I was able to upgrade my friend's machine from 98 to 2000, and ME is 98 SE with newer versions software (nothing really new), so there's almost no difference.
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