Forum slowness...

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Since Fish (Who hosts us) is out of town we have NO idea why or what is happening is happeneing. However there've been sporadic to prolonged times when the forum was going VERY slowly or just wasn't availible.


PS. I've asked a couple other ppl and they all report the same thing, so I think it isn't just me.


  • Ya very slow.
  • sometimes only half the thread loads.
  • Erm, it's fast for me....

    Pages load under 7 sec. :?
  • Josh STFU 7 seconds is long

    Now its going fast hto.
  • It varies from relatively fast to crawlingly slow. Now it seems to have fix itself up...

    Good thing Fish'll be home tomorrow!

  • Well, for a moment there, I thought I was banned.

    Had to use a proxy.

    Well, now I can access the forums :)
  • I'd LOVE to find out what caused that... I can't think what though, I mean, noones home as far as I know, so what would suddenly do that and then fix itself?

  • ive had no problems with speed.......
  • maby fish's server was getting DoSed
  • its possed!!! it has come to life and decided to fuck up and fix itself~! j/k very odd... i noticed it was a little slower but rog said he was getting things off of fish;s server so i just attributed it to that
  • That was yesterday tho....
  • I was wondering about the possibility of banning earlier, but then I thought that RN and I proabably wouldn't BOTH be banned, and Eset was going slowly too.

  • this can be due to high traffic or someone hammering his server
  • im thinking high traffic but hey, im not complaining because its not going down like last time....we all know what happened the last time he went away.
  • Was that the time PSE&G failed because there was a drizzle?

  • no its the time he went away and he came home and the forum was crashed and nothing was backed up
  • When was that? The time we went from ~20 000P to like 12 000? I had to bail him out with my backup that time.

  • OK, heres what it may have been...

    Theres some new web-spider going around, and unlike MSN / google, this loads TONS of pages at a time... so when that things on here, its making my CPU take ages to generate pages, and my modem has to work ALOT. Thats the only explanation I can find for the slowness... since I wasnt here to even have caused OR fixed it...

    How long DID it last?
  • Around an hour or so...


    PS. Any idea on the server logs what IP/Org it was?
  • The forum is still fast as usual...!`
  • That's good, I have a feeling that it would be slow even on your 24K!

    However it didn't seem to last more then an hour @ most, so hopefully it was an isolated incident.

  • Hope it won't bring discomfort to users any longer...!
  • Do the server logs say where it came from? Nice to know though that this board is being used in more and more search engines so if that means more people, ill take an hour of that than no to have any new people.

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