Internet Explorer 4

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Internet Explorer 4

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  • I rate the Windows Desktop Update -23414/10.

    It really sucks away on my PIII-500, feeling much slower than the real win95 shell and even the Windows 2000 shell. I nominate IE4 for worst application software ever made, up there with IE6 and Adobe Reader 6.

  • Ah, yes. The worst version of IE to exist.

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    According to
    the version 4.71.1712 is still IE4.0, rather than IE4.01, as you have recorded here. Probably worth confirming what the IE4SETUP.EXE file's own version tab says the 4.X.X.X version is. Unfortunately, you are unlikely to see 4.00 or 4.01 quoted anywhere (not even in the registry) as Microsoft appear to rely on off-line records, like the above web-page, to identify the "friendly" version number, and we programmers are expected to have translation tables in our code, I guess.

    Moving on...

    They identify the version on the Windows 95c CD (4.72.2106) as being IE4.01.

    The WIndows 98 FE should apparently deliver 4.72.3110 out of the box, and this is meant to be IE4.01 SP1 - so I'm guessing that is actually what the DEC Alpha version you have here should be, too. Not just 4.01.

    The version 4.72.3612 does tie in with IE4.01 SP2 (although they refer to build 1713, not 1707 - which they don't list).

    I'm kind of guessing here that the "build number" might differ either because of differences between 40-bit and 128-bit encryption releases, or because of the existence of some files updated by inter-SP security releases. Not sure if that is the case, but these build numbers may or may not have relevance.

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