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  • Hi everyone!

    I had a problem with the Win 2000 install. When I try to install ACPI mode the system is froze then I installed with Standard PC mode it is done with the install but slow. The computer is a Fujitsu Siemens LI1718 with 2GB RAM and Intel Core Duo 1.87 Ghz processor. I installing now the USP5.1 update.
  • Thanks! Is this the Extended Core? :) Okay I will try it. If i install it instead of intergrating may be cause any problem?
  • It is preferable to integrate since it updates the ACPI HALs.
  • Okay. If i integrate With USP i can install in ACPI mode? :)
  • I think so. They have to as they are the most advanced ACPI files available for Windows 2000.
  • The Nlite does'nt integrate but it put in the SVCPACK folder. Is this okay?
  • I don't think so as it should be in I386 and again in So it may not work best for the job.

    Using the extended kernel plus the ntdllx3 built by the same guy who made the KB979683 installer, I have upgraded MMC to version 3.0 in Windows 2000. I copied over the files and registered mmcndmgr.dll and mmcshext.dll.

    This will allow XP-compatible MMC snap-ins to work. 2000 native ones work, but some may give off non-fatal errors.
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    I'd like to add OpenRCT2 to the list of compatible games. I used the Vista version of MSVCRT.dll in the extended kernel, and the latest build for Windows XP, which can be found here:

  • Am i just copy to I386 folder and compress it to the extended core files it will use the Windows 2000 or not?
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    Yes it should. You don't even need to compress or rename the files that are directly in i386.
  • I see i will try this method in this weekend or whenever... :)
  • The Setup is complete now but when i want to start Windows is still froze the Startup Screen...
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