New OS/2 Download....

Does anyone have have a bugfree edition, of the IBM OS2 Warp 4.52 (, that you're willing to upload? Thank you in advance, if you will.


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    I have downloaded from macharchive mirror.
    Here are the md5sums + size:

    9848eb1ed5161613fbb3fe984094803d ibm_warpclient_cp2_v4_52_boot.iso (552290304bytes)
    dbdf50fbf0afc45e0b6262c28431600d ibm_warpclient_cp2_v4_52_client.iso (538802176bytes)

    6ae315a45c029997db613931e6f00b7f Bootdisks/Disk00.img
    70792dec6f5b43f58a9860ac5312eee4 Bootdisks/Disk01.img
    6d3eddd61c5a4e812269e92716e94b3c Bootdisks/Disk02.img

    The ones from winworld are just the same.
    I never tried this ISO here from winworld. What does buggy/needs redump mean? Is setup complainig about damaged files? Do you have a better description of the error than just buggy?
    Maybe it can be fixed by copying damaged files to ISO.

    Anyway, if you find another ISO on the internet you can compare by md5sum and size.

    I found some descriptions of error:

    According to these threads there is a problem with bootdisks. Other users suggested using .086 instead of .089, this one should work.

    Another idea would be to try bootdisks from .086 with ISOs from .089.
    Or using the bootdisks from german .089 with ISOs from english .089.

    I found 2 more on the internet - one torrent and one from
    Both are with same checksums - identical images.

    Somehow I get a feeling this error is related to emulators. All I found on forums about problems with this particular release (.089) was related to emulators (VirtualPC, VirtualBox, 86box (therefore also PCem), ...)

    Did anyone actually try this release on real hardware?

    I am curious about this, also I have a few Pentium and 486 class systems, but neither empty CDRs nor the time right now to do this...

  • Thank you, sdose. But could you include the website address for the macharchive mirror, please? Thank you in advance.

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