Internet Explorer IE 11

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Internet Explorer IE 11

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    To obtain a specific OS and Language download of IE11, use the site:

    It works for the ENGLISH versions for the x86 and x64 builds of Win7 and Server 2008. Not tried all of the other languages, but those I did try worked. The drop-list and button worked ok in Chrome Version 78 and Opera Version 64. But you won't be able to download subsequent selections unless you completely close the webpage and open it again, unless you turn off the browser setting that limits multiple downloads from a web-page. If you have problems making these controls work at all, try another browser or version. It is moderately rare for an interactive webpage on the Wayback Engine to work at all, so this one's quite a pleasing discovery!

  • Uhh all these installers don't seem to work anymore unless you have the updates required to install already installed. They try and grab certain files from Microsoft's HTTP server but fail because everything is HTTPS.

    On a side note, I was close to installing IE 9 thru 11 on XP USP4 using One Core API under Vista SP2 and 7 SP1 compatibility options respectively. The mentioned updates are what stop me from doing so.
  • ”In new Soviet Russia, Internet Explorer installs YOU.“ ?
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    Just download IE 11 from the official Microsoft website (just ignore the information about Microsoft Edge and that IE is retired)
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