Norton Utilities 8.0

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imageNorton Utilities 8.0

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  • Installation failure with "Norton Utilities 8 (5-18-1994) DES (3.5)". The installer complains about Disk 2 "This disk doesn't appear to be one of the installation disks or it cannot be read because of a disk error". Looking at the disks, I notice they have no LABELS, while if I look at "Norton Utilities 8 (4-23-1994) (3.5)" they do have labels: "DISK 1OF4", "DISK 2OF4", "DISK 3OF4", "DISK 4OF4".

    I tried using those same labels with the "Norton Utilities 8 (5-18-1994) DES (3.5)" release, but it made no difference. So it is a bad dump.

    The "Norton Utilities 8 (4-23-1994) (3.5)" release did install without problems.

  • It installed fine for me as is. Off hand I don't see anything wrong with the disk images.

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    "Norton Utilities 8 (5-18-1994) DES (3.5)" has no problem to install.
    Also this is dumped from original media.
    (I also dumped it from original and verified it.)

    I doubt "Norton Utilities 8 (3-1-1994) (3.5)" and "Norton Utilities 8 (4-23-1994) (3.5)" is dumped from original?

    First, I know no Boot ID:"MSDOS 3.3" exsits on Norton Utilites.
    --> I think a lot of disk images with Boot ID:"MSDOS 3.3" is uploaded on WinWorld.
    But a few of disk images seems not to be dumped from original but fake or hand-made.

    Second, time stamp seems to be strange on label "labels: "DISK 1OF4", "DISK 2OF4", "DISK 3OF4", "DISK 4OF4". (No time stamp is recorded on root sector.)

  • Minimum CPU is 80286, does not run on the 8086 unfortunately
  • Thanks for pointing that out. Updated the entry. Version 7.0 also requires a 286 or higher. Even a V20 won't suffice for whatever reason.
  • English versions without DES encryption are kinda "English International", versions with 'DES" were for sale in the USA and Canada only.
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