MS-DOS 2.x

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MS-DOS 2.x

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  • When I'm trying to install Visi On, I get a error saying "Non-DOS disk error reading drive A" everytime I run or type a random word the error appears. I am using 86box by the way, to avoid confusing with real hardware. Any solutions?

  • You need to use 86f images for Visi On in 86Box.

  • Well, the thing is. That error happened me when using your 86f. files. I re-downloaded them to make sure if they were corrupted but the problem persists.

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    Ah, I think it could be a mismatch between 86f version and 86box version. I think there were some changes to the format recently that would explain this. I'll look into it.

  • I created new 86f images from confirmed good MFM images using 86Box build 2306, so they should work. I've also included the MFM images as well in the latest package, so if you ever need to recreate 86f, you can use the "Export to 86f" option in the floppy drive menu in 86Box.

  • O.K. I finally installed it! Thanks a lot.

  • witch of them do i download to download old versions of windows?

  • Windows 1.00 DR5 and Alpha you use MS-DOS 2.11 or MS-DOS 3.00. Windows 1.00 Beta and Premiere Edition can run MS-DOS 3.30 through 6.22. I prefer to use MS-DOS 3.30 Most of Windows 1.01 features work better under MS-DOS 3.30 than later version of DOS.

  • @kadencabs said:
    witch of them do i download to download old versions of windows?

    You can download the MS-DOS 2.11 (NCR OEM) since it's compatible with all Windows 1.0 versions/builds.

  • uh how do i install it im getting format failure

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    Run fdisk, choose 1, Y, press Esc twice and let it reboot
    Run format C: (Y, Enter)
    Then copy to C:.

  • Can try Format c: /s

  • If your having format problems, try the Toshiba T1100 Plus OEM. Worked magically for me, got no format failures.
  • The "MS-DOS 2.2" is just corrupted mislabel of the TeleVideo OEM of MS-DOS 2.11.
  • Which version is best for VMware?
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