Library Mirrors 1 and 2 not working

I want to download DR-DOS but it's always Library Mirrors 1 and 2. When I click them, a new tab opens (I think that tab downloads the files). But the files still aren't downloaded. Could you please help?


  • The current version of Google chrome has a very serious bug. Please use Firefox instead.
  • Thanks but what is this serious bug?
  • For me, Chrome just thinks that they are unsafe. I just have to tell it to "keep" the file and everything works fine. But I've also got auto-download turned off, because I like to tell my computer where to put files instead of it just sticking them all in the download folder, so maybe that's why it asks me.
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    @SomeGuy: it's not a bug, but a feature of Chrome.

    Edit: I misread the thread and I can't delete my comment.
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