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    Windows 11 running on a 5 year old Intel NUC:

    ok, it's a VM... and it's slow as balls. But hey, it's running.
  • The system requirements seem absurdly high, but I guess Microsoft wants OEMs to sell more computers.

    I'm still using an i7-2600, and now apparently it's as old as a Pentium II to Microsoft. (Then again, if ACPI exists, Vista and 7 can hypothetically run on a Pentium II!)

    Good thing I've been running Debian with MATE for years.
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    I'm still using an i7-2600, and now apparently it's as old as a Pentium II to Microsoft.

    Only 4 years to go until the 2600 is as old as a PII was when it was released.
  • @SomeGuy Actually, there is an arm64 Windows 11 compile that I've heard users are running on M1 macs.
  • Wha?

    I mean, I know Microsoft had an ARM version for some tablets and stuff, but are they actually planning on selling an ARM version for the Macintosh, or is this just something that will go the way of the DEC Alpha Windows 2000? (Which BTW, the DEC Alpha was a 64-bit CPU and everyone snubbed it back then because binary hardware compatibility was of critical importance, but I guess no one cares any more.)
  • Actually, MS has been adopting the "ARM for All" approach for a bit now. They have been producing arm64 compiles of Windows Server builds as well.
  • Turns out that if one's Windows 7 machine meets the system requirements, and wants to switch to Windows 11, it would have to be a clean install.

    Not really an "upgrade", is it? 🤨
  • And they are already torching the bridge to Windows 7 users. I'm expecting all of the Chromium-based browsers to stop updating soon, and Firefox will probably follow a while later.

    But support for anything older than four nanoseconds is immediately dropped and the users get screwed over.

    Considering the current state of the GPU market, I'll cling on to this machine for a good while.
  • @robobox How long have you had yours for? I've had mine for almost a decade, would you believe 🤯
  • Around 8 to 9 years, but it's in good shape.
  • Bought an el cheapo HP laptop with the amd ryzen 2200u and Win 10 Home - soon after it was made available. It had good specs for an entry level and I thought it would make an excellent beater laptop for my truck, esp once I installed Windows 7.

    Well fool me - Win 7 would not install, and it took days of asking and getting angrier, as I found out that amd does not present acpi to the Win 7 installer, effectively blocking it.

    Microsoft has endless ways it seems to me, to force people to conform to their world view.
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