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  • @nick99nack
    Some of the early Win7 machines could barely handle 10.

    Which is why I didn't dare to have Windows 10 installed on my Dell Inspiron N7010, and that's much older than the laptop you used. Because it's that old, even when it's from 2010, it probably won't be worth the gamble to have Windows 11 installed on it either.

    Also, I'm surprised that it ran smoothly for you not only for its much older CPU, but the fact that it only has 4GB of memory (upon looking at this) and Windows 11 needs exactly that amount to work (and that's the same as mine too). Tell me, how much memory is being used on that laptop? Just curious...
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    I installed it on a Lenovo T420s, with 6GB of RAM and a cheap SSD. I had to do the registry hack to disable checking for secure boot, but it seemed to install fine otherwise. It’s missing some drivers, but most of the windows 8 drivers seemed to work and I’d guess if I spend more time working on it I could get all of them installed. The important stuff like video drivers, sound, etc are all working and it doesn’t seem slower than windows 10. It seems to download updates just fine.

    I tried installing it on a work MacBook Pro from 2014 using boot camp and it ended up in a boot loop. I didn’t spend much time on that system since that computer isn’t mine and the SSD is only 128GB.
  • I tried it on a surface tablet with a 4th gen i5 and 4 GB of RAM. Runs surprisingly well. Seems to be at least as good as 10.
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