Whats your opinion on these CPUs?



  • Didn't Pentium overdrive used a socket 4. Which was used in the 60 and 66 pentiums. Overdrive or a third party version was the only way to effectivly upgrade a first generation pentium.

    There was also a 486 Pentium overdrive, which I think is a different cpu which used sockets 2 and 3 to replace 486's, but they were about even with the DX 100, behind the DX 120, and even behind a real Pentium 60, so they weren't really worth getting.
  • It used socket 2 3 4 and 5.
  • DX100? Or DX4? Fish and I remember the DX4.

  • Oh, well I have a socket 7 so I will eventually get a Pentium 233 MMX, the last pentium of it's generation. Although the Pro 200 is relatively close in preformance I don't have socket 8.
  • Socket 8! Those looked GREAT, someday I'll have fun with them.

  • ive never seen a ppro in real life. I herd they were good for the day but they were not like regular pentiums but they were based on some mips articture? correct me if im wrong.
  • Well, the pros were not like regular pentiums at all. They are the first in the 686 family (First and second gen pentiums were 586.) These bad boys has dual cpu support (though I couldn't seem to get it on the ibm I found at school, wonder where that went.... I haven't found it since school started this year. I must have forgotten where I hid it.) They used socket 8, which was longer and more rectangular then square. One problem with them is that they used a lot of power and some systems weren't designed well enough to keep them cooled.
  • They had a different internal setup, vastly improved I'm told, and supposedly the base of modern pentiums, or something like that, Tom'll correct me I'm sure. However I DO know that they're i386, as usuall. They were also sortof like the Xeons of their day: server/highend workstation stuff.

    Some pics (Out of focus) (Top and bottom):


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  • ooo nice pic. Yeah, they were beasts for their time. That's the main reason I want to find where that dual went...
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