James Babb baned AGAIN!



  • yes im 16,

    i dont know, i just want more older people then just teens. This board is constantly growing though so who knows. i just hope older people who know alot bout computers come in here sooner or later.
  • There IS Thump...

    The only problem is that the majority of ppl here are of that age range, so if older ppl did show up, it'd be important that they be tolerant of different ages.

  • VERY tolerant but most of us here are mature so it really shouldn't be too much of a problem.
  • True, but I mean, we don't want these annoying 30somethings maybe yuppies who look down on everyone younger then them in the same field; you know what I mean?

    @anyrate, Thump is great, I can agree that we need more ppl like him @ the other end of the age-spectrum to help balance the forumn out.

  • Thump is great, more like himi would be great. I don't know the future of this board if we had 30 more TCPMeta's... well ones that actually posted.

    I don't think your age delegation is fair AT ALL. It's just so not true. I'm suprised you're not telling our older and wiser members to go away. It's the same rationale that we have a bell shaped curve nearly with tech knowledge and age. But we have to accept that there are exceptions.

    I'd also like to see a larger female base here. We need more Nidhi Taparia's here. (http://www.rediff.com/search/2001/apr/17gur.htm)
  • Hmm Alright. I'll try to get my sister to join.
  • Why is WinBoards a magnet for fucking dumbasses? So many idiots in the recent past have come and gone. WinBoard majorly lacks knowledgeable members/regulars who are friendly and know what the hell they are talking about.

    The Majority of our regular Members are fine,
    Knowledgable or Unknowledgable,
    Knowledge is Good, But Friendship is greater :P
    You dont Have to know e=mc2, to post here,
    i dont, and im a regular forumer, im obviosly
    not the smartest here, i could name 3 or 4 more
    brighter ppl than me, but it doesnt stop me
    from being here.
  • Just let's not go crazzy with recruitment, we don't want alot of crap or make a bad name for ourselves, like the infamous Wikipedia buissiness. And consider, there's alot going on here that ~1/week can miss.

  • The user and all related content has been deleted.
  • What racism?? I think I missed something...
  • Search for "ska" and you'll find it.

  • Okay, this is long over due

    PS: Age isn't maturity, just look at Bush campaign tactics like Scary Kerry, I mean, that's like what kids in Elementary school probably called him
  • Tomchu wrote:
    You need more Tomchus! :-D

    sure, we could use more....

    yet note the word: FRIENDLY.....
  • Mr. C wrote:
    Okay, this is long over due

    PS: Age isn't maturity, just look at Bush campaign tactics like Scary Kerry, I mean, that's like what kids in Elementary school probably called him

    LOL My sister calls them Bullshit Bush and Scary Kerry.
  • Your sister should join WB!
  • If she'd join she'll probably posts like 10 posts @ the most and die. She says she has 'other things' to do... LIke clipping out political articles and cartoons about Kerry and Bush from the newspaper.... lol.

    I'll try.
  • I don't think the age is as much the matter as knowledge and maturity. I mean, yes, alot of younger people tend to be less mature, however, those who are competent and don't act immaturely are a great contributation to WinBoards, they'll learn something, and who knows, maybe the older members will learn something as well.

  • Hey... my opinion about age...
    I think it's not the main reason, older is always better, but what the hell? I am young (16yrs) and work on the computer since 1995. That's why I am a knowledgeable user.
    Other person can be old but used computers only for a year... and knows nothing. THat's what I mean.
  • i agree with slash, experience is a major factor....
  • heh, yet i am an admin...
  • How exactly did that happen?

  • ::roll: I should've known. Now you know why I don't give out personal details "LOL" (j/k).

  • Tomchu wrote:
    You need more Tomchus! :-D

    heh your all we need tommy....

    anyways babb = shittier by the minute hes banned from BS forums too....... #_# frankly the whole copyright bussinus was what put him on thin ice..... plus i belive he said somthing about topher not having any athority or somthing to that effect which isn't true at all, so ..... yeah i banned him.....
  • Is he still trying to access forum somehow?
  • I don't think so, I think he knows that trying would be buying trouble.

  • Heeh... so I guess he will never be back, right...?
  • It's rather unlikely, he made himself very infamous @ the end of his tenure.

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