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What are the specs of the PCs you use the most?


  • AMD Duron 1.4GHz
    256MB RAM
    40GB hard drive
    3dfx Voodoo 3 2000 16 MB video card
    ADMtek AN983 10/100 PCI Ethernet Adapter
    Windows XP Professional

    AMD K6-II 400MHz
    128MB RAM
    45GB hard drive
    MGA Matrox Mystique 4MB video card
    Some 10/100 ethernet
    Windows XP Professional
  • AMD Athlon XP 1600
    512MB RAM
    40GB Hard drive
    ATI Radeon 9600 Pro
    some 10/100 ethernet card
    Win2kPro SP4
  • custom built pc
    1.0 ghz
    320 mb ram
    p 3
    Nvidia geeforce mx 400 graphics card
    win 2000 pro
    20 gig hd

    Power book
    10 gig hd
    320 mb ram
    400 mhz
    Os X: jaguar
    not sure what video card
  • Family PC:

    Processor: Intel Celeron 400 MHz
    RAM: 64 MB
    HD: Maxtor 8.08 GB
    CD: Generic 32x CD-ROM
    Video: ATI XPert 98 AGP 2x 8 MB RAM
    Audio: Creative AWE 64 Legacy
    Net: Realtek Ethernet Card
    Monitor: Samsung SyncMaster 550s 15" CRT
    Keyboard: IBM 104-Key PS/2
    Mouse: Microsoft WheelMouse Optical Blue PS/2
    Speakers: Koss Amplified 2 Piece Speaker System
    Case: Mini-Tower
    OS: Windows 2000 Professional

    My PC:

    Processor: Intel Pentium III 550 MHz
    RAM: 256 MB
    HD: Maxtor 12.6 GB
    CD: Mitsumi 54x32x54 CD-RW
    DVD: Creative 2x DVD-ROM
    Video: ATI Radeon 7200 AGP 2x 32 MB
    Audio: Creative SoundBlaster 128
    Net: 3Com Etherlink XL 10/100 (3C905-TX-M)
    Monitor: ASTVision 7L 17" CRT
    Keyboard: Microsoft Internet Keyboard PS/2
    Mouse: Microsoft WheelMouse Optical PS/2
    Game: Logitech Wingman Formula GP USB
    Webcam: Labtec Webcam USB
    Case: Mid-Tower
    OS: Windows 2000 Professional

    The 486:
    Name: AST Advantage! Adventure 6066d
    Processor: Cyrix 486DX2 66 MHz
    RAM: 20 MB
    HD: 513 MB
    CD: Sony 2x CD-ROM
    Video: Cirrus Logic On-Board Video
    Audio: ESS AudioDrive
    Net: None
    Monitor: Laser 14" CRT
    Keyboard: Generic 104-Key PS/2
    Mouse: Microsoft Basic Mouse
    Case: Desktop
    OS: Windows 98 First Edition
  • QQ
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    Athlon64 3200+
    8GB Seagate / 20GB Maxtor
    JustLink 24X10X40X
    PNY Verto 16MB (I'll try to get a better one)
    Integrated audio
    Integrated 1000MB/S
    NEC MultiSync E700
    Nice old IBM Kbd
    Generic PS/2
    Windows 2000 Pro Corp

    PPC G3 466MHz
    Some ~10GB
    ATI something
    Some Apple monitor
    Dvorak kbd
    Tinny little 1 speaker
    Macintosh System Software 9.2.2 (The 2nd best ever! 8)8)8))

    300GB Maxtor
    Generic 40X
    Some video thing
    ViewSonic A75s
    SME 6.0.1
  • BB1000 (homemade)
    Intel p4 2.6 ghz overclocked to 3ghz
    724meg ram
    2 120gb maxtars
    Memorex Cd rw dvd combo 52x
    nvidia ge force fx 64meg
    soundblaster audiology I
    Intergated gigabit lan
    1 v92 serial modem, netodragon 56k v 90
    generic 18in monitor
    microsoft optical mouse
    microsoft ie intergrated internet keyboard
    windows 2k pro sp4 (shot down by ms blast WIth the paches on!) freebsd 4.0, redhat linux 9, gentoo linux 1.something, debrian gnu/linux, ibm pc dos 2000 (lots of linux kenel binaries)

    Gateway 2000 p5-200
    intel ppro 200 mhz
    32 meg ram
    2 1gig seagates
    sony 16x
    ati rage 16meg
    telepath modem for windows
    gateway crystal scan 17 inch
    microsoft intelli mouse
    gateway keyboard
    windows 95, slackware 8

    Mail server- ast bravo lp/33 (barely origional)
    intel ppro 100 mhz
    16 meg ram
    1 400 meg seagate
    no cdrom
    no floppy
    1 56k v90 modem
    3 10/ 100 lans
    ati mach 16
    very old 13 inch lcd monitor
    mouse systems compatable mouse
    old zenith keyboard
    slackware 8
  • noone wrote:
    (shot down by ms blast WIth the paches on!)

    Those patches frequently don't take, it's better to just kill DCOM, disable DTC, stop MSTS, and shut TCP135 altogether.

  • Scumbag:
    Intel Celron 900, Soltek SL-65EP2 Mobo, 512mb PC133 RAM, Geforce2 MX400 32mb, 10gb Quantum HDD, 4gb Quantum HDD,and Samsung 16x DVD-ROM
    AMD Duron 900 @ 1000MHz, EPoX EP-8K9A7I Mobo, Spectec 256mb PC2700, Albatron GeforceFX 5200 128mb, 20gb Seagate Hdd, 4.1gb Fujitsu Hdd, CyberDrive 16x12x40 burner and Samsung 16x DVD-ROM
    (soon to have an Athlon XP2700+, 120Gb SATA Drive and Extra 256mb ram)
  • i hate it when i forget to login
    the above post is mine
  • Intel Pentium III 500Mhz
    384MB SDRAM
    Asus P2B-f
    ATi Rage 128 PRO 32meg /W tvOUT
    Creative SoundBlaster AWE64 gold @ Panasonic SC-AK17 stereo
    Seagate 13.6gb 7200rpm
    Maxtor 20.4gb 7200rpm
    LiteOn DVD 16x48x
    Artec WRR4848 48x12x48x CDRW
    Samsung SyncMaster 551s 15"crt
    Realtek 10/100 ethernet
    Old IBM keyboard (best there is)
    5-button optical wireless scrollmouse
    Winamp ComControl RS232
    16*1Chr. Samsung KP03 LCD display @ LPT1
    OKI OKIJET 300c @ USB>>parallel
    Windows XP PRO
    Win2000 Advanced Server
    Win NT4 workstation (under VMware)
  • I want Q's PC.
  • I want Q's mobo, CPU, and RAM, his config is a bit out of free hdd space :?
  • Anonymous wrote:
    his config is a bit out of free hdd space :?

    How do you mean? I have a fair bit of free space...

  • I've upgraded some in the past 2 months, I now have Windows XP Professional and a HP LaserJet 4 Plus printer.
  • This Machine: AMD Duron 1.3Ghz
    512MB PC2100 RAM
    80GB Seagate SATA150 HD
    80GB WD IDE HD
    30GB WD IDE HD
    LG 40x12x40x CD-R/RW
    16x DVD
    Radeon 9000 64MB Video
    Integrated Audio
    Integrated LAN
    WinTV Tuner Card
    Linux Mandrake 9.2
    MS Windows XP Corp Pro
    (Note: the proccessor came with a 100x2 FSB so I OC'd it to 133x2 and lowered the multiplier to keep the internal clock at roughly 1.33ghz)

    Old Machine: AMD Duron 900
    64MB PC133 RAM
    nVidia GeForce 4 MX400 (i think)
    80GB Maxtor HD
    52x32x52x CD-R/RW
    Windows XP Corp Pro

    Older Machine: Pentium MMX ~232mhz (Came as a 200.. so i OC'd)
    160MB PC66 RAM
    2x250MB HDs (i know... i know...)
    Integrated 100Mbit/S LAN
    Integrated Audio
    Integrated Video
    Windows 98SE (soon to be an NT based system... i've yet to decide on which one though... either 4, or 3.51)
  • sorry, that last post by "guest" was me... i forgot to log in... didn't catch it until i hit submit :?
  • If that happens:

    Copy your 'Guest' poost and login. Then post a reply with the same contents as the 'Guest' one (Paste what you copied). An Administ will see the double post and should delete the 'Guest' one.


    PS. What's wrong with 2 250MBs? FIsh and I used to do that all the time; remember Fish? ;)
  • Alrighty, i'll remember that :D (i just about did it again posting this reply, lol).... nothin' wrong w/ 2 250's if you got them in a raid config... but i don't, lol, and Win98 isn't liking only having 250MB to move around in... i've got IE6sp1, and WMP9 installed... doesn't leave a whole lot to play w/... though i do have all my apps installed to the second drive... i remember fish, lol... not for him i wouldn't be here (or have some apps i've been lookin' for) :D
  • If you want more space, I'd get Firefox (http://mozilla.org/products/firefox/), and Fish says that WinAMP is good (http://winamp.com).

    I meant 'Fish, do you remember when we fought over 486s and 500MB HDs?', ask him about B period, and Jon P (In a seperate post, ofcourse).

  • FireFox .8 is really really kickass, and I was a WMP fan... untill I tried Winamp... its SO MUCH BETTER!

    Oh and I wouldnt use MSN and AIM for MSN and AIM, I'd use Trillian.
  • has Winamp's video support gotten better in the 5.x series? i only use WMP for videos.... i used to be a trillian fan... till i found out that gAIM had a Win32 port :D ::note to self: try FireFox::
  • Winamp 5 lagged so bad on my 1.4GHz, that I decided its not worth using. They recommend like a 1.5GHz for that! thats REALLY high for a MEDIA player!
  • My current PC specs:
    AMD Athlon 2800 Barton 2.08ghz
    512 MB PC2700 Kingston RAM
    128MB ATI Radeon 9600 Pro (video card)
    Asus A7NX-X motherboard
    15inch CRT Monitor
    120 gig Maxtor 7200 rpm hard drive
    52x CDRW
    8X DVD player
    Stereo Sound
  • FishNET650 wrote:
    Winamp 5 lagged so bad on my 1.4GHz, that I decided its not worth using. They recommend like a 1.5GHz for that! thats REALLY high for a MEDIA player!

    Really? I have WinAMP 5.0 on my 400MHz and it lagged just a little bit. It was was close to perfect if you change the GUI preferences and make it less smooth and bit more choppy.
  • I guess I should post my new sys specs:

    Processor: AMD Duron(tm) 1.4GHz
    RAM: 512 MB
    HD: Western Digitals (85GB)
    CD: 48x16x48x CD-RW
    Video: nVidia GeForce2 MX 400 64MB DDR
    Audio: AC'97 Pro
    Net: ADMtek AN983 10/100 Ethernet Adapter
    Monitor: Sony Trinitron
    Keyboard: Some generic one...
    Mouse: Logitech optical
    Speakers: Panisonic SA-AK 17
    Case: Mid-Tower
    OS: Windows XP Professional
  • I'm getting a better laptop! I'm not going to bother posting everything here, so just take a look at this topic:
    http://fishnet.zapto.org:81/winworld/fo ... c.php?t=86
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    AMD Athlon 64 at 2.20GHz
    Two sticks of 512 non-ECC DDR 333 that gives me a whopping 1GB
    WD SCSI 180GB HD
    IDE Justlink 52x32x52x16x CD-RW/DVD
    GeForce FX 5200 with 128MB DDR vram
    Soundblaster live 5.1 plat
    3Com 10/100/1000 ethernet (sadly the rest of my netwotk is 10/100 :(
    Dual booting Windows 2000 Pro and Fedora Core 1

    Yes yes yes, I know, Why do I have Win2k on a 64bit system? Because I like playing video games.

    The info about the computer bellow is my main server i'm using currently.
  • I want TCP meta's system :(
  • No, you want the PC in my sig!
  • haha, hell yeah man, i could dig that one too ;-)
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