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  • Q wrote:
    I'm pretty certain it was the switchboard for the PA system into the classrooms.

    rOfL! Even better!


    PS. Don't you hate PA usrs who don't know how to talk into them right?

    You know whats funnier? At my school, when they call down to call for someone if they're being picked up early, the damn thing makes random beeps. They sound like censoring beeps. So they'll be like "Please send down <b>BEEP!</b> for an appointment." We're all like.... lmao.

    Also odd, our principal tends to get on the PA and breathe into it. <b>Deeply</b>. Sometimes she will get on it during the middle of the day, all teachers will stop, she'll breathe into it for 30 seconds or so, and then get off. Then a few minutes she'll get back on, breathe into it for 10 or 15 seconds, and then make some announcement. Also, it seemed like all the time last year they were saying, "Please shutoff your computers, we're having a problem with the modem." The next day they'd be like "Oh, we called the people at Comcast or something like that. There are many a funny jokes from the P.A. that I won't release until June 12th (day after I graduate)! Stay tuned!

    P.S.- The school I'm going to next year is supposed to have talking fire alarms! W00t! haha. Putting the "High Tech" into High Tech HS!
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    PC 1

    Gigabyte GA-7N400-L1 motherboard
    AMD Athlon XP 2500+
    512MB PC2700 DDR RAM
    nVidia GeForce DDR (32MB)
    60GB Samsung hard drive
    Lite On DVD writer drive (8x DVD+R, 4x DVD+RW, 4x DVD-R, 2x DVD-RW, 40x CD-R, 24x CD-RW)
    I/O Magic 56x CD-ROM drive
    1.44MB Floppy drive
    nVidia nForce integrated audio
    nVidia integrated 10/100 ethernet
    Diamond Homefree Phoneline 10Mbps network card
    Conexant 56k Modem (why, I don't know, I never use it)
    Labtec optical three-button scrolling wheel mouse
    Belkin four-port USB hub (not really needed, the system already has 6 USB 2.0 ports built in)
    3-port Firewire card added in
    104 key Win95 keyboard
    17" AOC 7f monitor
    Creative Inspire T2900 2.1 speaker system (bounce)
    Installed Operating Systems: Windows ME, Windows 2000 Pro, Windows XP Pro

    PC 2

    PC Chips (eew) M598LMR motherboard
    AMD K6/2 500 MHz
    288MB PC100 SD RAM (8MB goes to integrated video)
    Integrated SiS 530 AGP 8MB video
    20GB Seagate hard drive
    52x CD-ROM drive
    24x10x40 NEC CD-RW drive
    1.44MB Floppy drive
    C-Media integrated audio
    Integrated Davicom 9102 Fast Ethernet
    HSP56 Micromodem (was using for caller ID, but it seems to be crapping out lately)
    Microsoft scrolling wheel mouse
    104 key Win95 keyboard
    14" KDS monitor
    JBL stereo speakers
    Installed Operating Systems: Windows 98SE, Windows 2000 Pro RC1

    Those are just the two systems I use the most.
  • lolol. Sometimes the principal just calls our room and hangs up, doesnt say anything.

    ah, so many times I heard my name over that thing :-)
  • thought I shoudl post some of mine.

    AMD Duron 1.4GHz
    200MHz FSB
    384MB RAM
    80GB MAxter Hard Drive/8MB cache
    8MBintegerated AGP 4X Video
    17" Monitor
    Generic Windows keyboard
    Generic wheel mouse
    48x16x48x CD-RW
    AC'97 Sound card
    3-piece Cyber Acoustics subwoofer set
    Windows XP PRofessional
    may add a floppy drive if I feel that I need one. I havnt got this yet, infect, just ordered it 10 minutes ago. I plan to upgrade the vieo card and then the RAM to 512MBlater.

    Pentium II 400MHz
    128MB SDRAM
    10GB Maxtor Hard Disk / 512K cache
    8MB Matrox AGP 2X video card
    14" Monitor
    Windows 110-key keyboard
    M$ mouse
    48X CD-ROM
    ESS Audiodrive (SB Pro)
    std. Setio speakers
    Wndows 2000 Professional

    Pentium II 300MHz
    224MB RAM
    3GB Hard Drive / ? cache (128?)
    4MB ATI Range Pro AGP 2X
    17" Monitor
    Compaq 104 key Windows keyboard
    M$ mouse
    24X CD-ROM
    SB PRo (ESS)
    Altec LAncing sterio speakers
    Windows 2000 Professional

    Pentium-MMX! 233MHz
    128MB RAM
    1.58GB HD
    3.2GB HD
    2MB S3 Trio+ PCI Video
    17" Monitor
    Compaq PS\2 mouse
    PS\2 104-key keyboard
    Fisher 100 watt amplifyer
    Windows NT 4.0 Server (2000 didnt support USB, 98 ate up all my RAM, but now I cant find an NT4 USB fix :-( )

    Now all my other shitstations, wuick specs

    133/64/2x 1.6/nt4
    66/40/2x 1gb/95A
  • Hmm, speakers, I knew I forgot to add that...

    *edits post*
    Windows NT 4.0 Server (2000 didnt support USB, 98 ate up all my RAM, but now I cant find an NT4 USB fix :( )

    This old post has a download for a Dell package that's supposed to work on any version of NT 4.0 (not just on a Dell). I haven't tried it myself, though.
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    ah ha! that works for me!

    *EDIT* Argh, the USB fix crashed NT4, I dont care, I put on 98FE and its great.
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    ok....my new system, changes, added shit, removed shit.... DIREGAUD THE OLD POST. It turns outs its a 1.6GHz.

    AMD Duron at 1621MHz
    640Mb DDR at 266MHz
    AGP 8X Video Card
    80GB Maxter 7200RPM /8M Cache on IDE0
    48X CD-ROM Drive as M on IDE1
    48X16X48X CD-RW as S on IDE1
    AC '97 Audio
    Fisher 100W Amp > 2 15" Woofers
    Cbr Acstcs 2.1 w/ 8" Woofer
    Windows XP SP1
    1.44Mb Floppy Drive
    HP Scanjet 3300C

    Pentium II at 402MHz
    384Mb SDR at 133MHz
    8Mb AGP 2X Video
    10GB Maxter 5400RPM W/ 512K Cache
    3GB Maxter
    24X CD-ROM Drive
    SB AWE/64 Audio Card
    Windows 2000 SP4
    1.44Mb Floppy drive

    PentiumII266-256M-2x3GB-4M VRAM-24X-SB/AWE64-2000P
    MMX233-96M-2x1.5GB-2M VRAM-24X-SB/AWE64-98SE
    P133-80M-1GB/1.2GB/1.2GB-2M VRAM-SB16-NT4
    P133-48M-1.6GB-1M VRAM-SB16-95C
    P120@133-32M-630M/1.5GB-1Mb VRAM-NT4
    2X P100-2x1.6GB-1Mb VRAM-64Mb-NT4S
    P90-48M-810M-1Mb VRAM-95A
    DX2/66-40M-2x 1GB-1Mb VRAM-95B
  • Not bad, you should add a Black light LCD to that.
  • Nah, I dont like LCD's too much anyway.

    I got a question. What FSB should a 1600MHz run at? Its set to 133 and I know thats wrong.
  • I think 166. I'll have to pull out one of my motherboard manuals.
  • Nevermind, its 266 actually.
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    OOps, fucked up on editin previous post, delete this..
  • My fileserver:

    Pentium 150@200mhz
    a unknown So7 mobo which supports up to 3x75mhz, It has USB.
    Diamond Stealth 64PCI, -> S3 Vision 868 chip, 2mb
    Realtek 100mbit LAN: RTL8139
    200watt PSU
    1.2Gb Conner HDD
    20.4gb Maxtor HDD
    Aluminium case
  • Damn, thats some overclocking, little high there.....

    3X75? 3 75Mhz CPU's or 3 times 75Mhz @ 223Mhz?
  • I'm thinking it must be 3 75MHz CPU's.
  • Not if theres a CPu ruuning at 200Mhz in there. :-P
  • I was erm... agreeing with you.
  • I meant, is the mainboard either

    a) 3 ZIP sockets that support 75Mhz CPU's

    b) OR a 75Mhz FSB * 3
  • And I was also thinking that it's 3 sockets that support 75 MHz CPU's.
  • LOL, no, it's 75mhz FSB*3x mulitplier. It uses some strange home-made cooling system:

    The PCU doesn't have its cover on, so the 8x8cm fan will cool the CPU as well.
  • Oh, OK. I see now. :-)
  • I had a PC that had a very werid case design. The back of the power supply didn't have a fan but it had one on the front side and had a tube that connected the the heatsink. It didn't suck in the cool air though the power supply. The fan pushed hot air into the powersupply. Damn thing would overheat so easyly. I took a 80mm fan and connected it to the outside of the powersupply and made it suck out hot air.
  • My 486DX2/66 is the hottest 486 you've ever seen. It has a case fan blowing right on the CPU and it has a heatsink too. the heatsink is still hot. The fan is actually needed becuase if its not connected to the mainboard, it wont turn on.
  • Microsoft XP Home Edition
    Jetway P4XFA
    P4-Based 1.7 Ghz Celeron
    52x32x52 CD-RW Drive
    56x CD-Rom Drive
    ATI 9200SE 128MB Sapphire Gamers Edition
    512MB PC2100 DDR
    Mitsumi 1.44MB Floppy
    3D Audio
    Primary 30 GB, Secondary 60 GB
  • Heh. Not a bad PC. Except you have a Celeron. :P
  • IBM thinkpad 240
    400MHz Celeron
    128M RAM
    12GB HD
    XP Pro
  • For a half of my life, from 1994 to 2000 I was using the follownig PC:
    i486DX4-100/32Mb RAM/400Mb HDD/2Mb Video S3PCI/Sound ESS 1868 ISA/Modem Acorp 33K ISA
  • I wonder what adventures you had on that ;)

  • i used a PI 166 with 24MB ram 500MB HDD and iMB video and win 98 for 4 years...
  • Ive been using this one for a while now

    AMD Athlon XP 1800+
    512MB ram
    40GB HD
    Sony CD-RW
    GeForce FX 5200 (I got a few of these, dirt cheap)
    Sound Blaster 32 AWE
    RealTek built-in 10/100 fast ethernet
    512 CompactFlash card drive (Not a card reader, it's a drive that connect to IDE)
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