Sound in NT 4



  • not if it has 128MB ram...
  • Haning More RAM wont make the CPU any faster :-P
  • Run the DOS utility and set the cound card to use a different port

    I am now triple booting 98se, dos 6 & nt4. I went and used the dos utility and tried to set the port manually and the diagnose.exe gives me an error about the base I/O address setting. What am I doing wrong?

    PS: I installed NT4 cause I want to test setting up a server so I can do it down the road when I have the computer I want to host off of.

    EDIT: I would use nt for web surfing cause it is waaaaay faster than 98se.
  • You have Windows 98?

    Use the settings in the Windows 98 device manager, then use them in NT.

    And naturally, check to see if something isnt conflicting, its a hardware program to test this, NT4 doesnt have a "Devcie Manager"
  • I also just bought a Soundblaster Live 5.1 pci card off ebay yesterday that was shipped today. I might try that with nt and see if it works. Heres hoping. I have to boot up 98 and look at it's settings. Brb
  • Ok, Itll probly be the same.

    Cant you change the IRQ manually though in NT?

    Or change the IRQ for the other device thats using it.
  • I don't know how to change the port through nt. I am not that familiar with it.
  • When you install the sound card driver, itll give you options
  • It actually sets the port automatically when I install it and I can't change it just then. However I can change after the install is done using diagnose.exe in DOS but in the nt dos prompt I get an error when I try to do so. It acts like the port is in use or is not there.
  • Are you using NT4's driver or the facory one?

    Use NT4's and set the IRQ manually
  • I downloaded the nt driver off creative labs site. Yes a NT version is available. That was the driver I used back when I started this topic. When I try to install the driver it tells me that the port is in use by another part of the system. And I don't know how to find out what is using it.
  • Try the driver thats included with NT
  • I already have. No luck
  • Thats odd.

    Does the DOS diag program let you change the IRQ?
  • When I use the dos diag it gives me an error. Says like "error with the base I/O address like it can't find the port or can't find the card.
  • I think thats caused by NT not letting the DOS program access hardware of something

    plus NT Virtual DOS Machine is SHIT (NTVDM)

    Try it under DOS or 98SE
  • Ok i'm back in nt now. I tried diag in 98se with no luck. However I successfully used it in dos. I believe the diag is dos only as it is the driver for dos.
  • Well, does it let you change the IRQ of the card?
  • I just found out that the diagnose.exe is not the program to change the I/O address.
    It is the ctcu utility that is on the disk I made. And I just tried to run ctcu and it gave me an error saying it cannot run with share.exe active. How do I turn that off?
  • share.exe?

    Is this a DOS prograM?
  • It looks like share.exe is active when nt boots up. I don't know if it is a service or something else.
  • Cant the program run in 98SE?
  • To be honest 98se automatically detects the sound card during setup. It configured it for me but I know how to do that even if windows did not do it automatically. I am running NT4 right now.
  • Did you simply try using NT4's built in driver and set the IRQ's and shit manually?
  • Yes I did. But when it asks what port I want, 220, 240, 260 & 280, it tells me that they are in use by the system when I choose each of them in turn.
  • SHARE.EXE ?! Are you running this in VPC?

  • get the plug and play drivers and then it should work!
  • NT has no plug and play....
  • And isn't PnP about not needing drivers?

  • He meant a driver that automaticly detects the IRQ / I/O Address settings.

    I just use the NT4 Soundblaster generic driver than just do a trial and error on the IRQ settings
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