Sound in NT 4



  • err yeah thats one point....
  • Share.Exe in NT is not working! It was left just for compatibility, like Win.Com file.
  • Listen, everyone, I have NT4 on my P166 with a SoundBlaster AWE64 ISA, and I got it to work. Instead of using Creative's fancy-schmuck drivers, I used NT's SB driver, and did what Warpstr did, a trial and error of the port settings, eventually I got it right, and now I have sound! Simple as that.
  • Use the following for your soundcard:
    Address: 220
    IRQ: 5
    DMA: 1
    That's for my ESS 1868. Works for me!
  • That's what I use for my soundcard in GayNess MMX.
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