Sound in NT 4

Ok, last night I got NT 4 working. I am on the comp running it. Everything works great but one thing, no sound. I have the right drivers for my awe64 but everytime I try to install a device NT tells me that the port is is use by another part of the system. I have tried selecting a different port but it gives me the same thing. Now I know that ALL the ports I can choose from can't possibly be taken. I can't figure this out. Any suggestions?


  • check for hardware conflicts, maybe two things are trying to use the same IRQ.
  • check on the sound card itself that all jumpers are in the right place
  • Run the DOS utility and set the cound card to use a different port
  • This is when I wish NT4 had a Device Manager. Like what everyone said, check the jummpers and if that doesn't help use the DOS utility program that IBM was talking about.
  • I think SoundBlaster released a program. Could try another card then if you cant get it.
  • do the drivers support NT4?
    i have some SB driver disks ill check what they're for..
  • If you get the NT drivers they will
  • Try to install DOS drivers.
  • That wont help when he has NT4 :-P

    Use thd DOS diags like I said before.
  • I just reinstalled 98se. Thanks anyway.
  • b0000!!!!

    Thats just too bad isn't it?
  • 98 sucks NT ownz 98!
  • Dam strait
  • For one I don't care how much nt owns anything. Secondly 98 has compatibility with games that nt DOES NOT. That should be a good enough explaination.
  • Oh come on now.... Hey, is your card sound blaster plug and play? Cause I got NT drivers (NT does in fact have a little plug and play). Is your card ISA or PCI?
  • posted that right as I typed this. IF that's that case use windows 2k then.. what's the computer stats?
  • AMD K5 PR166 96 ram 2 two gb hd
  • hrm.. I don't kow AMD's numbering system... is taht 166MHz?
  • Yeah I think htat one was 166........

    Only a K5... LOL I havent seen those forever.
  • Actually it's 116.46mhz. It is the equivilent to a p166. Thats why amd calls it pr166.
  • I KNOW the K6's showed the REAL speed on them... because my 350 runs at 350 untill I overclock it.
  • K5!?

    I remember then K6's a little too well, but never a K5...

  • Yes, K5 after the 5x86.

    It was either the K5 or the 586 that used a Socket 3 486 mainboard.

    Maby the 586. I think the K6 used olser Socket7 (66MHz and under FSB)
  • well, you could run windows 2000 on it. Besides...what kind of games would you run an a 166?
  • Windows 2000 would choke too much. It was a little slow on my 233MHz MMX. I recemend a Pentium II 233MHz for 2000
  • well, you could run windows 2000 on it. Besides...what kind of games would you run an a 166?

    You could run lots of games on a 166.
  • yeah theres loads of games you can run on a 166 i've ran grand theft auto 1 & london, sim city 3000, al the worms games and loads of old dos ones...
  • Simcity 3000 sucks on a 166MHz.
  • Hmmm never tried Simcity 3000 on a 166... but I know Descent runs real nice on it. Terminal Velocity too.
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