Windows 3.0 / 3.1 3.1



  • @OrdinaryRBLXPlayer said:
    How do I install the Windows 3.1 [English for Central-Eastern Europe] (1993)?

    You do A: in the dos prompt if its a floppy disk or find the drive you put windows in.
    You type "setup"

  • SHA1 checksums are not matching for:

    Windows 3.1 (Retail) (3.5-1.44mb)
    Windows 3.1 (OEM) (5.25-1.2mb)

    I offered all of them.
    At least SHA1 is correct, because I dumped them and compared with another uploaded one.

  • So...

    3.2 is just a Chinese version?

  • i have a cd rom version

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