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  • @OrdinaryRBLXPlayer said:
    How do I install the Windows 3.1 [English for Central-Eastern Europe] (1993)?

    You do A: in the dos prompt if its a floppy disk or find the drive you put windows in.
    You type "setup"

  • SHA1 checksums are not matching for:

    Windows 3.1 (Retail) (3.5-1.44mb)
    Windows 3.1 (OEM) (5.25-1.2mb)

    I offered all of them.
    At least SHA1 is correct, because I dumped them and compared with another uploaded one.

  • So...

    3.2 is just a Chinese version?

  • i have a cd rom version

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    Unlike Windows 3.0 setup, which runs as a Windows application, Windows 3.1x setup runs in the NTVDM, and tries to "upgrade" Windows 2000 by attempting to install in my system32 folder.

    The setup.inf in 3.1x is quite powerful and interesting, with slipstreaming potential for basic applications and drivers.

    The only Windows 3.x CD-ROMs that exist would be ones made by OEMs (like Tandy for 3.0 MME) or as part of machine-specific restore CDs (again OEM).

  • Whats wrong with the archive files? They do not contain floppy disks, but when I opened two of them all the files that are likely parts of the floppies are already in the folder. Can anyone please help to install an archive file from here?

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    @JonathonWyble said:

    @Winworldpc Fan 9000 said:

    @SomeGuy said:
    No. "3.2" is Chinese only.

    unless you change the system language

    Well, like BF10 said, you can translate the entire system to English using a language driver in your hypervisor, but that can screw everything up, such as the word fonts.

    A simple way to anglicise Windows 3.2 is to run it with Calmira 3.3.
    This is The Red China version.

  • That is because Calmira II is in English. Most of the underlying programs are still in Chinese.

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