Windows NT 4.0 4.0

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imageWindows NT 4.0 4.0

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  • A good alternative to Windows 95! for workstation use!

  • edited November 2017 (Windows NT4 Workstation SP1) checksum corrupt... or is it just me?

  • Interesting. Are you getting a SHA1 Checksum of 891160f846f24fd9f2516e6fb0a3edce01e8f262 instead? If so, then I'll update the entry. That is what I am getting here, and the archive seems to be fine. I'm thinking the file may have been updated/fixed on the backend a long time ago and the entry wasn't updated.

  • @pijussimke123 said:
    A good alternative to Windows 95! for workstation use!

    Yeah, and there is no trouble installing graphic drivers, as opposed to Windows 95.

  • @WinCollector said:

    @pijussimke123 said:
    A good alternative to Windows 95! for workstation use!

    Yeah, and there is no trouble installing graphic drivers, as opposed to Windows 95.

    The only shortcoming in my opinion is the lack of PnP and USB support.

  • I assume you all are talking about the lack of a Virtualbox video driver in Windows 9x? That is really a shortcoming of Virtualbox, not the OS.

    There is a third party USB add-on for NT 4. It works well with mass storage devices, have not tried it with printers or such. It works on real hardware with compatible USB chipsets. Hmmm, has anyone tested that under Virtualbox or VMWare?

  • I noticed that when I installed NT workstation, it was surprisingly quick, but you have to expect that on a VM

  • In Server space, NT 4.0 was just as significant as Windows 3.0 was on the desktop. You now had servers that normal people could interact with. It was amazing in IT all the VMS, Netware, OS/2, and Unix systems that we're dumped in favor of running Windows NT 4.0 .

    The lack of service pack 7, and the delays to 2000 led to the nightmare of NT 4+ option pack, which really should have been NT 5.0

    I've always had a soft spot for NT 4.0, on the desk and as a server.

  • Gracias por este post

  • @Mario939 said:
    Gracias por este post

    De nada :lol:

  • NT 4.0 Server using cd key, you have the cd key?

  • Where's Windows NT 4.0 Resource Kit?

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  • I like to use this to test programs on this NT based OS

  • when i try to install it on VMware or virtualbox, it works until i come to the "Windows NT licens agreement" When i try to press "page down" as it say i should, it simply doesn't react. It is very annoying because i want to make a domain controller .. arrgh can any please help me or am i forced to make an old school server machine just for that reason >:( please tjek it out, and fix it, or give me a tip on how to get by. It should work on virtualbox and VMware, because everybody use that today.

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    Is it possible to navigate with TAB-key (<- ->) and press the button with enter/space?
    Do you have a virtual PS2 or USB mouse in your configuration?

    Theres another popular VM, qemu. It is quite easy to use once you have figured out how to use it, example:

    qemu-img create -f qcow2 nt4disk.qcow2 4G
    qemu-system-i386 -m 128 -cpu pentium -hda nt4disk.qcow2 -cdrom image.iso -boot X
    where X stands for: C=disk, D=cdrom

  • Does anyone have the service packs for Windows NT Terminal Server - Alpha processor, because they are missing form here and the Microsoft links are broken except for SP6A, which is useless without SP6 please.


  • Are you sure such things even exist?

    TSE SP5 was available in 4 forms: for i386 and alpha, standard and high enryption:

    TSE SP6 was apparently released on in high encryption and for i386:

    You can grab some packs from here:

    But not sure if these are SP5 or SP6

  • Hi, It looks like none of these locations have the SP6 base service pack, as I can only find SP6a, which has SP6 as a prerequisite.
    Or maybe I should migrate to the Win Server 2000 RC2 and work out how to extend the expiry date?
    Your thought?

  • ENG workstation version iso is broken.

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    @mindingulove said:
    ENG workstation version iso is broken.

    Please be more specific, do you mean the VMware version or the SP1 version?
    Edit: I saw your post. Try to use instead the VMware image
    @SomeGuy there's no English version of NT 4.0 Workstation wihtout any SP. This one: Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 Workstation (4.00.1381.1) [Korean] (ISO) marked as English is labelled with [Korean], and the only english one is with the SP1

  • magnet:?xt=urn:btih:163233251b0acba80d4f08068feb9fa930031fc7&dn=Windows%20NT%204.0%20Workstation&

    this iso worked for me

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    SP6a is a full service pack. You do not need SP6 or any other service pack before installing SP6a. The 'a' variant is a fixed version of the original SP6, released just a few days after the original SP6. The Q246009 patch that @andrewrfp referred to earlier is for those who installed the original SP6. Those who install SP6a do not need that.

  • Where is the CD KEY? The installation is asking for it.

  • Which release? The workstation SP1 English ISO doesn't.

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