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    @Netcliff Sorry I'll try again tomottow.

  • @jonirob said:
    @Netcliff Sorry I'll try again tomottow.


  • @Netcliff
    It works equally well using [Socket 7 VX] Epox P55-VA with a Standard PS/2 Mouse instead of a Microsoft Serial Mouse.

  • The Rhapsody DR1 Grail login screen.
    The best login screen Apple never had.

  • @jonirob I can't help but think that Windows Whistler login screen may have been based on this.
  • @jonirob I can't seem to get DR1 to work in 86Box. I'm using 2.07 with the configurations you recommended, and I'm using the DR2 drivers for EIDE and ATAPI.

    However, when I finish setting up drivers, setup panics, complaining about being unable to mount root. I don't understand what's gone wrong. Should I try formatting the hard disk image beforehand?
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    In 86Box use the DR1 drivers with this configuration:

    Machine: [Socket 7 VX] Epox P55-VA
    CPU Type: Intel Pentium MMX 233
    Memory: 48 MB
    Display: [PCI] Diamond Stealth 3D 2000 (S3 ViRGE)
    Input: Standard PS/2 Mouse
    Sound: [ISA] Sound Blaster 16
    Hard Disk: IDE(0:0) 63 Sectors 16 Heads 2448 Cylinders
    Floppy Drive: 3.5" 1.44M
    CD-ROM: ATAPI (0:1) Speed 8x.

    Titan Configuration:

    Load the drivers by typing 7 (enter), 7 (enter), 1 (enter).
    This will load the EIDE and ATAPI Device Controller.
    When it's loaded you'll need to do it a second time.
    Then type 1 (enter), this will start the installation.
  • @jonirob Nope, still crashes.
  • Use these specs.
    RAM:128 MB
    Hard Drive:2 GB
    CPU:Any PowerPC or Intel CPU.
  • @Scratch137 you can also use PCem 12 to install DR1.
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    @Scratch137 try changing the addresses, DMA settings and BIOS addresses at peripherals that conflict with the SCSI controller. I also recommend you to use the Adaptec AHA-154xB SCSI controller since it's easy to be found on the menu where you select which SCSI controller to use while installing the OS (option 2). Edit: The DMA has to be 5 and the Address has to be 0x330 for the SCSI adapter or else Rhapsody won't find it.
  • I managed to install dr2 on 86box although with only 640x480 in 256 color resolution being available. I also tried to install dr2 ppc on sheepshaver, but the installer stuck at the point where it can't find any valid volume for installation...
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