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    @Netcliff Sorry I'll try again tomottow.

  • @jonirob said:
    @Netcliff Sorry I'll try again tomottow.


  • @Netcliff
    It works equally well using [Socket 7 VX] Epox P55-VA with a Standard PS/2 Mouse instead of a Microsoft Serial Mouse.

  • The Rhapsody DR1 Grail login screen.
    The best login screen Apple never had.

  • @jonirob I can't help but think that Windows Whistler login screen may have been based on this.
  • @jonirob I can't seem to get DR1 to work in 86Box. I'm using 2.07 with the configurations you recommended, and I'm using the DR2 drivers for EIDE and ATAPI.

    However, when I finish setting up drivers, setup panics, complaining about being unable to mount root. I don't understand what's gone wrong. Should I try formatting the hard disk image beforehand?
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    In 86Box use the DR1 drivers with this configuration:

    Machine: [Socket 7 VX] Epox P55-VA
    CPU Type: Intel Pentium MMX 233
    Memory: 48 MB
    Display: [PCI] Diamond Stealth 3D 2000 (S3 ViRGE)
    Input: Standard PS/2 Mouse
    Sound: [ISA] Sound Blaster 16
    Hard Disk: IDE(0:0) 63 Sectors 16 Heads 2448 Cylinders
    Floppy Drive: 3.5" 1.44M
    CD-ROM: ATAPI (0:1) Speed 8x.

    Titan Configuration:

    Load the drivers by typing 7 (enter), 7 (enter), 1 (enter).
    This will load the EIDE and ATAPI Device Controller.
    When it's loaded you'll need to do it a second time.
    Then type 1 (enter), this will start the installation.
  • @jonirob Nope, still crashes.
  • Use these specs.
    RAM:128 MB
    Hard Drive:2 GB
    CPU:Any PowerPC or Intel CPU.
  • @Scratch137 you can also use PCem 12 to install DR1.
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    @Scratch137 try changing the addresses, DMA settings and BIOS addresses at peripherals that conflict with the SCSI controller. I also recommend you to use the Adaptec AHA-154xB SCSI controller since it's easy to be found on the menu where you select which SCSI controller to use while installing the OS (option 2). Edit: The DMA has to be 5 and the Address has to be 0x330 for the SCSI adapter or else Rhapsody won't find it.
  • I managed to install dr2 on 86box although with only 640x480 in 256 color resolution being available. I also tried to install dr2 ppc on sheepshaver, but the installer stuck at the point where it can't find any valid volume for installation...
  • Guys, 86box works perfectly on the x86 version of Rhapsody using the configuration that the others users gives and I successfully install both DR1 and DR2 there
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    Actually VirtualBox CAN run it very well. The only extra thing you need is a VirtualBox Video Driver for OPENSTEP and Rhapsody, available on GitHub(
    1. Insert the install floppy and the CD.
    2. Boot and load two Intel PIIX drivers for hard drive and CDROM drive.
    3. Insert the VBoxVideo driver floppy, type 2 in the console and load the driver.
    4. Install Rhapsody as usual.
    5. When Rhapsody reboots, it will ask you to insert the video driver floppy twice. Do as it told.
  • @WinWhat SheepShaver cannot run Rhapsody. It runs Mac OS 8 - 9.0.4 (?)
  • @michaelyang You also need to change the graphics controller to VBoxVGA.
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    I managed to get Rhapsody DR1 on VirtualBox with color display.
  • Can this work on PCem? If so, what are the specs?
  • On QEMU, DR2 for PPC only gets as far as the bootscreen.
  • @helloisthispizzahut It's better to use 86Box and not PCem.
  • How do I install dev release 2 on vmware?
  • @upseguest
    Full instructions for installing Rhapsodt DR2 in VMWare can be found here, including link for the VMWare drivers.

  • the guide didnt work, when it told me to do "cp /cd-drivers/next_drivers/* /drivers-tmp" it gave me a usage thing
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    It works for me in VMware Workstation 15 Player on Windows 10.

    I've included the commands you'll need to use here:


    # mount -w /

    # mkdir /cd-drivers

    # mkdir /drivers-tmp

    # mount -t cd9660 /dev/sd0a /cd-drivers

    # cp /cd-drivers/next_drivers/* /drivers-tmp

    # cd /drivers-tmp

    # gnutar xf vmmouse_1_1_i_bs.tar

    # gnutar xf vmwarefb_config_1_1_1.tar

    # mv /drivers-tmp/VMWareFB.config /private/Devices

    # mv /drivers-tmp/VMMouse/VMMouse.config /private/Devices

    # reboot

  • does it work on qemu?
  • For anyone installing on 86Box - do not use 2.88 floppy drive use 1.44, since using it (with properly set in BIOS) will lead to "read error".
  • well, sheepshaver gets somewhere, maybe someone could modify the sourcecode to be able to use rhapsody PPC.
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