MS-DOS 4.0x


  • This was fun (not) to install under VMware.

    It turns out that the INSTALL disk (or SETUP disk if you are using a different source) really doesn't like the VMware IDE hard drive emulation.
    If you use that, the installation floppy's boot code simply ends up rebooting infinitely.

    If you try a SCSI HD instead, you will go through all the (quite horrible) installtion process only to find that in the end the MS-DOS 4 SCSI driver installed on the HD doesn't play well - executing 'illegal' SCSI instructions, or something.

    In the end I started from scratch and used the VMware SATA HD emulation: Pay dirt! The installation process worked, and I could finally boot into a HD-based full installation of MS-DOS 4.0. What a rigmarole! :)

  • @BigAlUK Brilliant! Thanks for the comment, I had the same issue.

  • I would remind anyone trying to run this of a few things. 1: MS-DOS 4.0 was so buggy that it taught a lot of people to never trust a "X.0" release. 2: It had so many issues, a lot of people stayed with 3.x until after the release of MS-DOS 5.0. So if you have problems, you would not be the only one.

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    Microsoft MS-DOS 4.01 (3.5-720k) dump is broken. The SETUP and OPERATING disk are the same thing. Hopefully this can be redumped since its otherwise not usable.

    EDIT: The installer makes a copy of the INSTALL disk, and I accidently overwrote the Operating Disk because there's no safeguard. Ugh.
  • Microsoft MS-DOS 4.00 (RM Nimbus OEM) (3.5-1.44mb) IS BROKEN
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    What's interesting about Compaq v4.01D is that the included jpg's of the box and manual indicate that it includes FASTART but the diskette images do not. Not sure why the discrepancy. Downloaded as many disk images as I could find for version 4, and none of the 360KB and 1440KB images had it, but a 720 image did, although the dates were 5/8/1990, same as vers3.31. I'll keep looking.
  • Microsoft MS-DOS 4.01 [Italian] (3.5-720k) - Copam OEM version
  • I think this was the worst version of MS-DOS
  • I compared uploaded Microsoft MS-DOS 4.01 (4-7-1989) (3.5-720k) with mine. At least uploaded one seems not to be dumped from original Microsoft Genuine.
  • Maybe dump and send the dumps and jpg to winworld so they have an official one?
  • Was MS-DOS 4.00 distributed on 3.5'' disks?
    If so, can someone please contribute it?
  • 3.5" media of MS-DOS 4.00 / 4.01 / 4.01C exists.
  • @ibmpc5150 Well, it seems that the 3.5'' disk set of MS-DOS 4.00 is extremely rare!
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