MS-DOS 4.0x


  • This was fun (not) to install under VMware.

    It turns out that the INSTALL disk (or SETUP disk if you are using a different source) really doesn't like the VMware IDE hard drive emulation.
    If you use that, the installation floppy's boot code simply ends up rebooting infinitely.

    If you try a SCSI HD instead, you will go through all the (quite horrible) installtion process only to find that in the end the MS-DOS 4 SCSI driver installed on the HD doesn't play well - executing 'illegal' SCSI instructions, or something.

    In the end I started from scratch and used the VMware SATA HD emulation: Pay dirt! The installation process worked, and I could finally boot into a HD-based full installation of MS-DOS 4.0. What a rigmarole! :)

  • @BigAlUK Brilliant! Thanks for the comment, I had the same issue.

  • I would remind anyone trying to run this of a few things. 1: MS-DOS 4.0 was so buggy that it taught a lot of people to never trust a "X.0" release. 2: It had so many issues, a lot of people stayed with 3.x until after the release of MS-DOS 5.0. So if you have problems, you would not be the only one.

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    Microsoft MS-DOS 4.01 (3.5-720k) dump is broken. The SETUP and OPERATING disk are the same thing. Hopefully this can be redumped since its otherwise not usable.

    EDIT: The installer makes a copy of the INSTALL disk, and I accidently overwrote the Operating Disk because there's no safeguard. Ugh.
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