My IBM PS/2 Model 80 came today...

Got it for $200 off ebay. Seller said it was untested but it looked quite good in the pictures, if moderately dirty.

Everything seems to function with it. It even came with a hard drive, a ~3GB Seagate model from the early-mid 90s.

Lucked out majorly, could have got a lemon. Recently got the SCSI card driver installed and took a gander at the still-alive HDD contents. Appeared to have PC-DOS 5 installed on it. Possibly a treasure trove of unarchived software on here so I won't erase it untill I make sure everything is either common or saved.

I am not familar with the directory structure of PC DOS so I dont know which folders are user created, although Ref_disk and model80 clearly are and I copied those since they contained the driver file for the SCSI card I needed to get the HDD working and probably contain drivers for the other unrecognized cards in the system.

Some bizarre programs in here that I do not fully understand. Most recent date modified on any file I can find is 2003...


  • Great.
    I wonder you can dump BIOS of IBM PS/2 Model 80

  • Nice pick up. What's your plans with it?

  • @thinkpadman said:
    Nice pick up. What's your plans with it?

    Probably use it to play Wolfenstein 3d, if a 386 can even do that I know a 486 can.
    Screw around with other DOS games and Win3.11 FW
    Get a math co-pro for it, sound card, etc. Pump it up as much as possible.

    After its innards eventually die ill prolly shoehorn in a modern rig into it since the case is amazing especially the ever so satisfying power switch.

  • I hate double posting, can't seem to find the edit button, my apologies.

    Recently copied the contents of the HDD via a SCSI card for my Windows 98 machine, moved the resulting folder from there over the network to my Windows 10 machine. People think Mac networking is good, PC gotchu covered too though =P (~8.6mb)

    Lot of stuff in there i'm unsure about. Perhaps you sleuths can help me out.

  • Got a new old stock 3Com MCA ethernet adapter for it, maybe try and get on the modern web on my computer from 1989 =P

    Pictured driver disk (1.44MB floppy image)

  • Thanks.

    By the way can you dump BIOS of PS/2 Model 80 by using DUMPAT.EXE?

  • @ibmpc5150 said:

    By the way can you dump BIOS of PS/2 Model 80 by using DUMPAT.EXE?

    Here you go, if I may ask what is the purpose of this? What sort of information can you get from a BIOS dump?

  • @Culbrelai

    Thanks for reply.

    Unfortunately DUMPAT seems not to dump 386 BIOS correctly.

    My purpose is to check PS2 8580 BIOS revision content.

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    I suggest trying OS/2 1.3. Because this is the computer that it was made for :wink:

    Congrats on the Future Domain SCSI, very good option for SCSI and enables you to use CD-ROM drives on this machine at all (just go external, you would need a scarce 5,25" bracket and front panel kit for internal).

    And the rare 386 Memory Expansion. This allows you to break the limits of expensive Model 80 specific planar memory.

    If you get an Allied Telesyn 210 MAU for your new Etherlink, you can even use it on a modern twisted pair network. I then suggest PC/TCP, this is a TCP/IP stack that exists for both DOS and OS/2 that even contains a NFS driver!

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