Windows 2000 Modernization Tips



  • Oh, I thought that was a download page itself as opposed to linking to the real one. There are several sites (looking at you, that have decayed to the point all downloads are broken.

    I still won't be able to test them. But I do believe that Windows Server 2003/XP x64 is the best NT 5.x OS for running DX10 games/software, and 2000 is at the bottom of the pack, even with the extended kernel.

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    Beware that the latest version of the Windows 2000 extended kernel, v2.9bG may create a corrupted riched20.dll dated July 2015. The WordPad/RTF engine relies on it, and many Windows Installers will fail when tasked with displaying an EULA (error code 2894).

    You should expand and transplant riched20.dll from SP5.1 installation media, dated November 2006.

    Playing videos in VLC 3.0.6 does work with this version of the kernel, as opposed to v2.8iG.

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