Intel Unix System V 2.x

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imageIntel Unix System V 2.x

Intel Unix System V was a rather uncommon Unix variant developed and distributed by Intel, for IBM PC compatible hardware. It was considered "plain vanilla" compared to other distributions, adding little beyond AT&T's codebase.

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  • @jonirob How do you do this in 86Box?
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    @helloisthispizzahut These are my disks, here's how I did it.

    86Box v3.0

    Machine Type: i386DX/i486
    Machine: Award 486 Clone
    CPU Type: Intel i486SX
    CPU Speed: 25
    FPU: 487SX
    Memory: 16MB
    Video: Video 7 VGA 1024i (HT208)
    HD Controller: Internal
    FD Controller: Internal
    Hard Disk: 1023 Cylinder, 15 Head, 17 Sector, 127MB IDE Drive on Channel 0:0
    A Drive: 5.25" 1.2M
    B Drive: 3.5" 1.44M

    Be sure to go into the machine's BIOS and specify the floppy and hard disk sizes.

    Forget exactly which boot disk to go with. Try the ST-506 one first.
  • @Revolution What if the ST-506 one does not work?
  • @helloisthispizzahut These boot floppies provided are for various SCSI hard disk controllers.
    What you can do is use a machine in 86box that supports SCSI.
  • @Missileboi What machine does support SCSI?
  • Then how do I run setup?
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    Laugh all you want, but this fother mucker is FIFTY-EIGHT DISKS. Thank god we no longer need to wait on grinding physical drives; but even so this is still a lot of disks to swap out. I've been at this for like 3 hours and I'm just now getting past the device drivers and into the fmli (development?) packages.

    Pack a lunch, and maybe dinner too.

    Apart from that? Revolution's config recommendation for 86Box seems solid, though I've set it up as a 486DX4/100 not an SX.

    Screenshot of my working config:

  • It is possible to get some Intel Unix packages such as TCP/IP, debugger, compiler on stock AT&T SysV.
  • I used UltralISO to load the disk01of02 boot file to make an ISO and put it on the virtual machine, only Booting Unxi System appears
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