What was your first computer?



  • PDP-11/03 with dual floppy drives to which was added a cast off punch card reader.

  • My first computer was an 8088 running at 8MHz with 256k RAM, Two 5 1/4 Floppy drives and boots into GW-BASIC :smile:

  • I don't remember very well, but I think my first computer was with Windows XP.

  • Custom built 486 from 1994-2012 that my dad built:
    PCChips M912 v1.7 Motherboard with real L2 cache (256KB) and Award (lawsuit) BIOS*
    AMD AM486DX4-120
    AT case (don't know the brand, but I still have it) with the flip switch (not in use any longer) and the Apple Macintosh Quadra 650 emblem on it (still have)
    24MB SIMM-72 (16MB + 8MB)
    WinBond ISA I/O Controller card
    ISA Modem
    Creative Labs Sound Blaster 16 WaveEffects CT4170
    S3 Paradise Bahamas 64 VLB 2MB video card
    1.2GB or more Fujitsu or some other brand HDD
    4x CD-ROM drive
    3.5" 1.44MB Floppy drive
    2-button mouse
    15" CRT Monitor (IBM or some other brand)
    AT Keyboard

    • not Y2K compliant
  • Early 2000s HP pavilion slimline desktop. 3gb ram, Intel Pentium dual core and surprisingly a 700gb sata hard drive. I still have it today in my closet. It can't do much but it can run some old 90s games and Minecraft at an ok fps.

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    My very first computer was a HP dx2300 for free and I still have it and use it sometimes ( for a server or as a middle man for HDD power because my main PC only has 1 SATA power cable, and only three SATA connectors.) I do this because I use VMs to install OSes on to them when I don't want to burn CDs like Windows 95/98 (I use VM ware.) It has a Pentium 4 HT @ 3.00 GHz and at first I didn't realize that it was clocked at that speed until I got into computers.

  • Commodore 64 all the way back in '82

  • Mine was a Exo PC with Windows XP, Then it got really slow when my parents upgraded t to Windows 7, That was a shitty computer.

  • I had a Tandy 1000 HX. It came with 256K RAM and one 720K 3 1/2 flopppy drive. I upgraded the RAM to 640K and added a serial port card for a serial mouse.

  • My first computer was from an unknown manufacturer, because it doesn't say on it, but itś a Pentium II computer. The reason Iḿ saying ïs¨ instead of ¨was¨ is because I still use it, and it still works.

    Here are the specs:

    CPU - Intel Pentium II @ 1.5 GHz
    Motherboard - Unknown
    GPU - Unknown
    PSU - 250W
    Memory - 64 MB DDR RAM
    Storage - 60 GB HHD
    OS - Windows 98 First Edition
    Monitor - ViewSonic Optiquest Q71
    Keyboard/mouse data connector - PS/2 port

  • i think it had like a celeron 2.50 ghz or some crap

  • My first computer was a HSN or QVC special , an emachines with an actual pentium III , don't remember the speed. not a usual emachines with a intel celeron. It had 64Mb of ram, 15 GB hard drive and windows 98 SE. I thought I posted on here with the specs before but I can't find my post on here.

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    Mine was an IBM ThinkPad 600 (I believe). I do remember that the BIOS had OS/2-style dialogs and we didn't know its password. The IBM ran Windows 98SE and likely had a Pentium II. Can't really give it the title because I had it for under an hour due to the BIOS and other issues.

    Several years later, I was issued a then-new "May 2009" MacBook by my school board. I resented it, for it didn't run Windows (I knew nothing at the time about anything). Another year passed and I received installation media for Windows 95 OSR 2.1, 98FE and 2000 pro (SP1 or 2) along with an IBM 300GL.

    It took me four and a half years to truly have my first computer, as in hardware truly under my ownership.

  • @whistler2250 said:
    Mine was an iBook G3. I broke it when I was very young because I was watching a space shuttle video with my parents, then the video wouldn't load further, and as any sensible toddler would do, I smashed my fists into the keyboard and broke the computer.

    Woah! Was it a normal one or the clamshell!

    Also, I can't remember my first PC, but what I DO know is that it ran Windows XP.

  • Some old HP Pavillion hunk of junk running Windows 98 FE. The integrated graphics failed and I simply chucked it. I still have the old hard drive though. I would like to make a backup one of these days but with it being IDE it makes it rather difficult. Anyway, It looked something similar to this.

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    1st computer was a TRS-80 Model III, 64 Kbytes Ram w/ 2x 5.25" floppy drives each managing blazing 186Kbs on each floppy. working at a blazing 1.86Hz (yes Hz not Mhz) on a Z80 Chipset CPU.

  • Mine's gotta be the Thinkpad 380XD, CD drive was broken from the start but that's whyI had a Backpack drive. Still kicking to this day!

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    @TxSnipper said:
    1st computer was a TRS-80 Model III, 64 Kbytes Ram w/ 2x 5.25" floppy drives each managing blazing 186Kbs on each floppy. working at a blazing 1.86Hz (yes Hz not Mhz) on a Z80 Chipset CPU.

    Are you sure you didn't mean kHz?
    I reckon 1.86 clock cycles a second was probably not far off the operating speed of the last pure mechanical computers from the 1930s/1940s.

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    First machine I wrote code for was an ICL mainframe - programming with FORTRAN on punched cards (gaargh!). Then I wrote some machine code (that's binary, not assembler) on a Research Machines Z80 box of some sort (uurgh!). But programming first became meaningful to me in BASIC on a Maximop II mainframe. All this was from 1979 to 1982, whereupon I was released from college into the wild and allowed to play with various BASIC or CP/M 80 machines (inc. Intel MDS, Gemini, HPs and Amstrads of various sorts and a Commodore PET - the Darth Vader of computers, before settling on IBMs and clones). First computer I actually owned was a Sinclair Spectrum (in 1983) - soon ditched for an MS-DOS 3.3 based machine (1988-ish or thereabouts).

  • 1986 Tandy 1000 SX

    • 8088 @ 6MHz/4.77MHz (can change speed with function keys at boot)
    • no co-processor
    • It had 384K RAM at first, I upgraded it to 640K in 1997 using Radio Shack's outdated catalogs, and no that's not a typo, I did indeed type 1997 - I did that so I could run Ultima VI: The False Prophet on it, which pretty much turned the day-night cycles in that game darn near Real-Time, at least, that's what it felt like...started my trek to Yew from Brittania at 7:45a - was at the stocks by 9:45a.
    • Storage was 2 360K DSDD TEAC Floppies, the same stock ones that came with it
    • OF course it had the PC Jr. Compatible Sound and Video, never changed that
    • Had the Tandy CM5 Color Monitor and DMP-12 Dot Matrix printer too, plus a black plastic Radio Shack 5.25" floppy box with all the original boot disks, Professional Write, and of course I had the original Microsoft Adventure in it's original folder with manual.

    I also managed to bum some games/software off my auto shop teacher whom had an original IBM 5150. Used to sneak in floppies to copy to, and also would play Ultima V when the sub was in whom figured it was not worth punishing me because that teacher could not fathom that 5150 could do anything useful or cool let alone run something like Ultima V.

    Of course, it eventually got a problem with the system board, the 8253 to be precise, and I was too computer illiterate at the time to fix it at the time, so I put most of it on the curb taking some parts to use to cannibalize together some kind of mutant LPX/AT 486 nightmare abomination before creating my first Windows PC - Creeping Net 1 - which was a Flight 386 SX AT desktop in a Kingspao case with a ZEOS Upgradeable Systems Mainboard in it with a 486 DX-33 and 8MB of RAM, and was my first internet capable PC using AOL 3.0 and 4.0 on Windows 3.1 - in 2001.

  • I decided to repost the information about my first computer since my last post had incorrect information about it's specs.

    Anyway, like I said before in this topic, my first computer was a custom build from 1998. My parents got it as our first "family" computer a few years before I was born. And this PC still works as of 2017, when I got it working again.

    Specs of this machine:
    Case: Some white full tower case
    Motherboard: Some Intel motherboard
    CPU (processor): Intel Pentium II @ 300MHz
    Memory (RAM): 64MB SDRAM
    Hard Drive (HDD): 60GB 3.5" HDD IDE
    Graphics Card (GPU): Intel RHN107 VGA GPU
    Power Supply (PSU): StarTech 250W PSU
    Display: ViewSonic OptiQuest Q71 CRT monitor

  • Well i built my first pc and its still boots but heres the specs

    CPU: Core2Duo 2.18

    Motherboard: A motherboard by gateway

    GPU: Some AMD card

    Ram: 2 GB

    Power supply: Some seagate

    hdd: one 80GB ide and one 250 sata

    Display: a TV

    OS: yea i have windows XP on it

    but i had a laptop and that was trash PURE TRASH it was a one core cerlon and it suck

  • mine was a IBM PC 5150. I was really young but my parents tell me how to use it. it was running MS-DOS 6.22 and Windows 3.0. it can't run Win 3.1 because it as a 8086 Processor and Win 3.1 needs an 286 one. then we got a IBM ThinkPad With Windows 95.
    And we got the Famous Microlink 56k modem. and we we're able to browse the network! then, my parents buy me a newer IBM Thinkpad with Pentium 4. it run Win 98 SE! when Windows XP came out, I was jealous of the logo and I changed: LOGO.SYS, LOGOS.SYS and LOGOW.SYS. I just add the XP logo then I replaced "XP" by "98SE" :smiley: to open these files, just open with PBRUSH!

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    2004 HP Compaq dc5000 microtower with Windows XP Pro. It had OK specs for the time. 1gb of RAM and probably about 2.8 gHz single core processor. All chips were integrated. DVD-ROM/CD-RW drive, internal 3.5" floppy drive, and 3 empty bays. I sure hope the electronics are intact so I can use the floppy drive xd
    Only problem is that the back is rusting a bit, so I have some sanding to do. It's never been dusted in 15 years... On top of that, IDE and PCI are so out of date most hardware is unbuyable ;-;

  • An Asus Eee PC 1001PX netbook that still works even though i ruined the keyboard after dropping it, It runs Windows 10 Home 1607 mediocrely with 2 GB of RAM and a 120 gb disk drive. I now use it as a info screen for weather besides my main computer monitor :)

  • Toshiba T3100SX German model OR at least the first computer we had I was alive for and remember.

    Original Specs were:
    Intel 16Mhz 386SX
    No Maths Coprocessor
    Conner 40mb hard disk
    Citizen 1.44mb 3.5" floppy drive
    2x Serial ports and a bidirectional LPT
    1mb memory
    ~10inch built-in amber plasma display panel with full VGA capability, 16 greyscales, 50hz refresh rate
    Paradise VGA graphics
    MS-DOS 4 Toshiba OEM
    My father installed Windows 1.0 from the start since he already had the 5.25 disks from the past and bought the external 5.25 drive with it. Even though Windows 3.0 was already out.
    This became the family computer when he didn't bring it to work, and when its internal monitor is easily removed, you get 256 colors on an external CRT.
    Very fond memories playing games on it. There weren't an abundance of good German games, so it served as a good method of learning English.

    Through its life it has been upgraded to MS-DOS 5.0, Windows 3.1, added a Cyrix 83S87-33 copro, and bumped to 5mb ram.
    I still have it after all these years. Even the carrying bag too.

    It says one one async adapter, but it provides two ports.

  • My First PC had:
    CPU: Some sort of Athlon 64
    GPU: AMD Radeon X1700 FSC
    Motherboard: Biostar motherboard
    OS: Windows 7 x86
    this is all i know about my first pc (family pc)

  • When I was 8 i got an Amstrad CP464. Loved it. Just hooked it up again and remembered all the writing i used to do on it.

    Then we recieved an IBM P/S 386 from my uncle/aunt who were getting rid of it. Came with Win 3.1, 2MB ram 80MB hard disk, came with some games and Word Perfec 5.1. I used to write letters to the neighbours telling them christmas was cancelled because of high amount of flowers blocking santa's flight path.

    Then the monitor blew up and we got a 486SX with WIN 3.1 8MB of ram, ran MS office 4.3, which was great because in when I was 12, my school was still running 3.1 and was great to be able to work on assignmetns there and at home.

    Kinda wish we kept those two PCs.

  • A Mac with a special card inside that allowed it to seamlessly switch in real-time between System (6?) and Windows 3.1 by pressing alt-enter...pure sorcery

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