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  • does anyone know what the diskette key is
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    What's going on with the CDs? At the final steps from the setup, it tells me to insert the Windows 98 CD, I insert it, and it tells me that a file is missing, I saw that the specified location was on the hard disk drive (C:) but when I changed it to the CD-ROM drive (D:) the message kept appeating, the same message appeared when I wanted to install drivers, because it said that I didnt have a specified file, I skipped those files.

    Same thing happens when booting up from Windows 98 when the installation has been finished, it tells me that various .dll files weren't found, luckily it can still boot up, but it couldn't boot up perfectly with my drivers. That means it doesn't have sound, the display is set to 16 colors, and I can't connect to the Internet and browse on IE or other browsers.
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    Did you just set it to `D:\ or did you use `D:\Win98?

    I usually recommend copying the files in `D:\Win98 to C:\Windows\Options\Cabs first in DOS and then running the setup from there. It saves needing the disk after that for anything else. (You'd have to make those directories first)
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    I changed just the drive
    It was like this


    ps: had to add parentesis to avoid making smiley.
  • All of Serial Keys for Windows 98 FE Floppy Disk are not working. Try this serial K4HVD-Q9TJ9-6CRX9-C9G68-RQ2D3 100% Working.
  • qy84q-qt6qf-gjmgy-mft4y-rcbwg worked for me with the OEM Full version
  • every product key i enter on the retail gives me a error.
  • @Siloboy987 are you sure you're installing the retail version then?
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    @DeFacto Yes i am but it still doesnt work
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