OS/2 3.x 3.0


  • Cannot install IBM OS2 Warp 3.0 (Bluebox Edition) (3.5), it have internal error 03

  • Internal error 03 often occurs if the hardware has more than 64 MB of RAM or larger than 4 GB IDE drive. There was a set of replacement install disks that permitted use of larger hard disks over at WarpDoctor.

    Otherwise, you will have to describe the system used for the install. It is a trifle challenging to figure out issues without information.

  • Warp connect is 3.1 version, according to tcmdos2.exe In any case, the difference between OS/2 Warp and OS/2 Warp Connect are similar to Windows 3.1 and Windows for Workgroups 3.11

  • Warp 3 Blue Spine is not bootable on my system. I don't see any boot disks.

  • Were there ever Convenience Packs for Warp 3? If not, would someone be willing to upload updated Warp 3 (3.00 - 3.99) versions....? Thank you in advance.
  • I don't think there were any.
  • Unfortunately. :( I wonder if anyone would be willing to upload updated Warp 3 editions, though....
  • What is the max ram?
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    The Warp 3.0 blue spine doesn't have boot disk images in the archive, but you can make floppies (in an emulator like 86box) by booting into a dos installation and running "cdinst.bat" from the root of the cdrom drive and creating two 1.44 meg images (an install image and an boot image).
  • I found bundle box of OS/2 3.0 with bonus pack in 3.5 diskettes to rescue (I hope all of them can be salvaged)
  • if you want to install blue spine in a VM, you will need to have a program like dosbox-x or 86box as rliegh suggested, or if you're using a more conventional emulator, say virtualbox or vmware, you will need to create a dos machine first, then install blue spine on there, because there's virtually no boot disk on here
  • Will it work on my Compaq DeskPro EP 6400 with 327mb ram and 125 meg hard disk for os/2 only?
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