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  • Cannot install IBM OS2 Warp 3.0 (Bluebox Edition) (3.5), it have internal error 03

  • Internal error 03 often occurs if the hardware has more than 64 MB of RAM or larger than 4 GB IDE drive. There was a set of replacement install disks that permitted use of larger hard disks over at WarpDoctor.

    Otherwise, you will have to describe the system used for the install. It is a trifle challenging to figure out issues without information.

  • Warp connect is 3.1 version, according to tcmdos2.exe In any case, the difference between OS/2 Warp and OS/2 Warp Connect are similar to Windows 3.1 and Windows for Workgroups 3.11

  • Warp 3 Blue Spine is not bootable on my system. I don't see any boot disks.

  • Were there ever Convenience Packs for Warp 3? If not, would someone be willing to upload updated Warp 3 (3.00 - 3.99) versions....? Thank you in advance.
  • I don't think there were any.
  • Unfortunately. :( I wonder if anyone would be willing to upload updated Warp 3 editions, though....
  • What is the max ram?
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    The Warp 3.0 blue spine doesn't have boot disk images in the archive, but you can make floppies (in an emulator like 86box) by booting into a dos installation and running "cdinst.bat" from the root of the cdrom drive and creating two 1.44 meg images (an install image and an boot image).
  • I found bundle box of OS/2 3.0 with bonus pack in 3.5 diskettes to rescue (I hope all of them can be salvaged)
  • if you want to install blue spine in a VM, you will need to have a program like dosbox-x or 86box as rliegh suggested, or if you're using a more conventional emulator, say virtualbox or vmware, you will need to create a dos machine first, then install blue spine on there, because there's virtually no boot disk on here
  • Will it work on my Compaq DeskPro EP 6400 with 327mb ram and 125 meg hard disk for os/2 only?
  • @Okmeque1 OS/2 is quite picky regarding the hardware it runs on and available drivers. So, maybe.
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    How do you install OS/2 3.0? all you get is a bunch of files that can't be run from Dos or Windows. Somebody needs to upload a VM version. https://archive.org/details/os2_ovas Edit: I got Virtualbox and it runs fine but I have no Idea what OS/2 is or what version I am actually using. OS\2 is Freaking Awesome it has both Windows and Dos built in "that is 3 OSes in 1" who wants plain old windows after seeing what OS/2 can do, Wish I had this years ago.
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    The plain "Blue Spine" version does not install any Windows 3.1 files and they are not bundled in it either. For that you really should get a later version of the OS/2 Warp 3 Connect Blue 8.200 CD from here https://archive.org/details/IBMOS2Warp3Collection and install it instead, instructions for installing it on VirtualBox plus the install an boot disk and how to get a better video driver are Here https://gekk.info/articles/os2.html However when you set it up don't select High Performance File System when installing it use the Fat File System or else because there is no program known to Man or the internet that can extract the HPFS file System of OS/2. 7zip can not extract it, and Power ISO won't open it either, so if you want to extract the vdi or whatever you can forget about it if you use High Performance. Although OS/2 does not even use or have any NTFS File System that is what 7zip and other programs report the High Performance File System of OS/2 as, OS/2 uses FAT or the HPFS filesystem that Microsoft invented for OS/2 and HPFS might have better performance than the Fat File System AFAIK, but you can't extract the vdi if you use it because to other systems the HPFS File System of OS/2 appears as an unrecognizable NTFS File System. If you do use HPFS create a second Virtual Hard Drive as FAT and attach it to your Virtual Machine then you can copy files between other systems and your OS/2 HPFS. The Max Hard Drive Size of Warp 3 is 2gb. You can setup Virtual Machine Addictions for VirtualBox and get USB 2.0 device support to use USB Drives on OS/2 I guess but it has to be configured Manually and is a complicated thing to mess with you have to replace files and edit the config.sys and all kinds of stuff.

  • @3xGuru et al.
    Not so hopeless! I have the plain Red Spine and Blue Spine editions of OS/2 Warp 3.0… courtesy of the Internet Archive and Higher Intellect's KDX server, respectively.
  • When I install the Swedish version from the CD, I do get a Win-OS2 icon, but when I try to start it, it crashes. And it is only a windowed session, I can't find a full screen version.
  • IBM OS2 Warp 3.0 [Swedish] is corrupted, why?
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