WinWorldPC Classicish Userstyle [Dark Theme]



  • Just tried it out and it looks cool!

  • I really love the old style and missed it. Just stumbled across this topic and tried it. Thank you very much!

  • And i found a bug. If i search, the highlighted keyword is only visible when marking it. It has same foreground like background I suspect.

    Screenshot attached. Maybe you'll fix this. Anyway, thanks again.

  • I think having this dark space theme is a great idea, because that's how WinWorld always looked, ever since the beginning. Maybe you could find a way to add stars in the background as well.

  • @sdose, thanks for pointing that out. There were a few other bugs I wanted to fix anyways.

    @JonathonWyble, I haven't updated the screenshot yet, but the starry background is in the header.

  • Nice to see that you're still around and still interested in your project.

    I use github for "long-term-storage" and pushing me to "make-things-right-before-publishing" and from there I know far too much abandoned projects.

  • However, one disadvantage of the dark space theme is that it used to sometimes make me a little nauseous, going from the WinWorld tab to a tab with a white layout. This was prior to the reset in 2017, way before I had my WinWorld account, but I did use the site to download stuff at that time.

  • I've moved this into Announcements and stickied it, so it's not buried in the Programming forum.

  • Thank you very much for this userstyle! I really liked the old website design and this brings me a lot of good memories :smile:

    Cheers and keep up the excelent work lad.

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    To be honest, I'm used to the default look for this site now (maybe because I prefer light themes over dark) but this is good for anyone to reminisce of the good ol' days :)

    Thanks for your marvelous work, @ubuntuxp =D

  • I missed the classic old dark-orange style aswell. Thanks man.

  • I've been making something that shows quite a bit of suggestions for the this "WinWorld classic" theme. These contain some features that may not already be included in WinWorld.

    Yes, I included the new WinWorld logo :D

    And along with that, I also made a suggestion for how the forum would be like with this theme.

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    how do i delete comments?

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    Went ahead and pruned it for you. If you hover your mouse over a post, a small "gear" icon will appear in the upper right that you can click on to bring up a menu that should let you edit or delete a post for up to a couple of hours after posting it.

    Apparently that is somehow "better" than just having an "Edit" or "Delete" link directly on the post.

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