Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0

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imageMicrosoft Visual Basic 6.0

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  • This is really a god-sent for a lot of people who still love or need VB6. Thanks!

  • VB6 programming is supported on Windows 10 and Windows Server 2019

    I actually stopped at VB5 before switching to C and its various dialects, but sometimes for nostalgia I brush it off and use it to write some funny win app - yeah, it's almost intolerably verbose but it still smells of my green years :-)
    The problem with VB5 is that every so often some pieces seem to be missing (generally .chm or .ocx) and not always a frantic search on the web is enough to get them.
    Should this also apply to VB6, it might be a good idea to add here a small library of the "most wanted" ones. I'd be glad to contribute a few myself.

  • Does this site have a Product ID for ID Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 Professional?

  • @mnsnknl said:
    Does this site have a Product ID for ID Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 Professional?

    For many old 90's MS developer products like Visual C++ and VB, fill serial with full '1' should work.

  • Does in work on windows nt 3.51

  • Probably not, considering Microsoft dropped support for Windows 3.1 for Visual Basic 6.0. But, I could be totally wrong, since NT and 95/98 are two different things.

  • My recollection is that Visual Basic 5 was the last to work with NT 3.51.

  • Hello, looking for some old CDs among my things, I found the "Visual Basic 6.0 Pro Edition" of 3 CDs (Spanish) that I had bought about 20 years ago. Something not very easy to find on the WEB, because I have searched and found versions of two CDs. The one I have is one of the most complete and includes the entire "MSDN Library" of those times and also on one of the CDs, more than 400MB of samples !!! a unique PACK for how complete it is. I ripped it with the UltraISO program and the ISO images came out flawless, without any errors. Compressed the three ISOs with 7-Zip occupy 982MB. If "WinWorld" is interested, i could upload it without problems and share it with other lovers of Software and programming. The version is "Retail 6.0.8169" From now, Greetings !!.
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    Well this is definitely interesting, you can make an Offer in the forum Offers and Requests section, upload the stuff to MEGA/Mediafire/anything else and then it may get added (although it WILL take some time).
  • OK thank you very much!! for the answer. I've already uploaded it to MEGA and I'm going to post it in the offers section.
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    Just to let you all know...

    The x86 English 'Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 Enterprise (ISO)' download is actually one of the CD's you get with Visual Studio 6.0 Enterprise... and not actually from a release of a standalone Visual Basic 6.0. However if you want one, that appears to be one on (and it has both of the 2 discs too)...

    The Alpha English 'Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 Enterprise [DEC Alpha] (ISO)' download however appears to be the proper standalone Visual Basic 6.0 Enterprise pair of 2 CD's (and not from Visual Studio 6.0 Enterprise).

    Also I have 6 CD's here of VS 6.0 Enterprise with the MSDN discs too if anyone is interested?
  • Also I have 6 CD's here of VS 6.0 Enterprise with the MSDN discs too if anyone is interested?

    I would like the VS 6.0 6 CD ISOs. Thank you very much!
  • Does anyone have an official SP6 installer? Found one on but it was flagged on VirusTotal with a very negative community reputation.
  • Added the Visual Studio 6 SP 6 updater here: this includes the VB 6 update.
  • Key for Visual Basic 6.0 enterprise edition is : 110-1234567
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