Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0

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imageMicrosoft Visual Basic 6.0

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  • This is really a god-sent for a lot of people who still love or need VB6. Thanks!

  • VB6 programming is supported on Windows 10 and Windows Server 2019

    I actually stopped at VB5 before switching to C and its various dialects, but sometimes for nostalgia I brush it off and use it to write some funny win app - yeah, it's almost intolerably verbose but it still smells of my green years :-)
    The problem with VB5 is that every so often some pieces seem to be missing (generally .chm or .ocx) and not always a frantic search on the web is enough to get them.
    Should this also apply to VB6, it might be a good idea to add here a small library of the "most wanted" ones. I'd be glad to contribute a few myself.

  • Does this site have a Product ID for ID Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 Professional?

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