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    i know its been like 2 years but yes, windows 98 requires atleast 66 mhz cpu.
  • Even though 98 and 95 are very unstable on VirtualBox theyre still pretty good.
  • 98 SE is rock solid in VMWare Workstation - for me. I use it for test installing Win 3.1, 95 and 98 apps regularly.

    Win 3.1 in VMWare on the other hand is not worth a hoot, but runs well for me in Virtualbox.

    IOW, there is no "one size fits all".
  • Are there any files of win 98 SE that is not an image file? I want to upgrade my IBM PC 350 from win 98 FE to SE and I got the FE files from here PLEASE helt me.
  • Is there something going on with the downloads? Because when I try to extract the Windows 98SE OEM Full iso, it only gets to 151 megabytes when it just stops extracting and says "data error: " and the path of the file. And I have tried it with both servers and both give the same error. I have not tried the cloudflare one. I will do so now to see if it is fixed that way.
    Edit 1: Just tried to extract the cloudflare download, and it worked correctly. So something must have been corrupted in the servers or something for the extraction to drop at 151 megabytes for the server downloads.
    Edit 2: But now I ran into another problem, I downloaded the "OEM Full" version of Windows 98 Second Edition, but it is acting like the retail full version instead. Could someone check through the servers to make sure that is the case, or it might be just me? The reason I put the OEM Full in quotation mark is that I have the virtual machine setup to boot from CD, then floppy and then hard drive, but I put in my OEM full disk in and it just goes straight to network boot.
  • The downloads worked fine for me.

    The CD image looks like a typical OEM version. Keep in mind that OEM versions were never guaranteed to boot on anything other than the OEM's hardware. Make sure you are emulating an IDE CD drive.
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    Hey there again SomeGuy. I tried to install the Windows 98 OEM Full disk with the 98 se boot floppy and it gives a "Windows 98 setup files are not found" error in VMWare Workstation. It seems to be the reason why it would just go to the network boot when I commented about it a few days ago.
    Edit 1: Scratch that, I had the image in the VM but not connected in VMWare Workstation.
  • is this only for a virtual drive or is it an actual disk i can use to install onto my old PC? im trying to get windows 95 or 98 back on it but i cant seem to get a "boot disk" no matter what i try
  • Please, I need help!

    Something goes wrong when I install Windows 98 Zweite Edition (German) (OEM).
    Downloaded the OS, the floppy disk, added/activated in Oracle Virtual Box VM with CD-ROM.
    When I installed the same OS years ago, it worked when I had Windows 8.1 (Laptop OEM). Now, I have Windows 10 (upgraded).

    Installed from Floppy Disk, when the installation was done and wanted restart, I got error
    message that there not enough memory space and I have to delete something from
    autoexe nd But I have zero knowledge with MS-DOS. I hate DOS!
  • One possibility:

    Solved I Am Getting a Message Of Insufficient Memory For Windows 98

    I recently installed Windows 98 as a Virtual Machine via VirtualBox on my Windows 10 computer. I tried run the drive, but keep getting a message about insufficient memory to initialize Windows.

    “What do I have to do to get past this message on Windows 98?”
    You actually have TOO much memory. Set the Win98 guest memory allocation to less than 512MB.
  • @02k-guy: I gave TOO MUCH memory for Windows 98 Guest (4 GB). I have 16 GB System RAM and nVidia GeForce GTX M 900x series with 6 GB Dedicated RAM (Laptop Computer). I gave the virtual HDD with 30 GB. LESS than 512 MB? Would 256 MB enough then?
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    For everyone who wants to install Microsoft Windows 98 - Zweite Edition (OEM) (German), the product key is PRDDH-83JD9-G6PK4-684GF-6Y73B. It worked.

    EDIT: I still can not get 98se to work properly. Gave 512 MB RAM, 8 GB HD, 64 MB graphic RAM. I could handle to install - even so with many error messages that some ".vxd" are missing (in MS-DOS starting procedure). OS installed, started WITH sound, but 16 colors and extremely slow (standard graphic VGA adapter). Every OS start begins with same erroe messages but Windows starts anayway. VirtualBOX Guest Additions can NOT be installed in 98se, because of that the Shared Folders do also not appear in Windows 98 explorer.
  • There's this thing called, "take small steps, before you run."
    And there is SO MUCH good infor out there on the web.

    Now me,I'm lazy, lazy, lazy. If somebody else has a working solution, I'd rather just copy what they have done. And later, if I see a need, I can experiment.

    Here is one I have used that explains about a whole range of issues:
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