Windows 98 Second Edition



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    Use 86Box or PCem instead.
  • @jonirob
    No, the problem is not with the virtualisation software. The problem is with the iso file as it misses out certain files. I need to know a solution of how to completely finish the setup with these missing files without any errors.
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    None of the ISOs are missing files. You are probably trying to run setup from the CD but don't have a real mode DOS CD-ROM driver installed on the hard drive, so it can't find the CD during the second phase of the setup. That method of setup usually only works for users that already have DOS/Windows 3.x.

    When installing on a blank hard drive, you must copy the Win98 or Win95 folder to a folder on the hard drive, and run setup from there.
  • warrior mage, what is your processor? AMD Ryzen chipsets cant handle windows 98 in a virtual machine, especially vmware
  • Best operating system ever designed. Can't find a fault. Download this and nothing else.
  • Well there was one fault... the "integration" of IE into the shell!
  • Thankfully 98lite exists to correct that mistake.

    Microsoft really should have just bundled IE by default and allowed people to uninstall it either during setup or after installation. But they wouldn't have had 98% of the internet use IE. (The Windows Desktop Update should never have required IE, all of it could be implemented with no web browser at all)

    The other fault was continuing to use the aging, unstable, non-portable 9x code (although it had far better DOS compatibility than NT or 2000).
  • Microsoft had to stay with the DOS based Windows code base if they wanted existing software to keep running.

    Back in the 3.0 days, the idea was to replace Windows with their new NT product. In the Windows 2.0 days, they wanted to replace Windows with OS/2. Back in the DOS 2.x days, they wanted to replace DOS with Xenix. So keep in mind they actually moved fairly quickly after 98. When Windows ME was released, it was crystal clear to everyone that it was the end of the line.

    For running DOS software, or VxD based Windows software, 98SE is typically the best for the job.
  • Yep, exactly. Compatibility for many older DOS and Win16 wasn't very good (i.e. no sound on DOOM and other important network testing applications :tongue: ) on NT until XP - and even then performance was not perfect because it wasn't fully native, unlike 9x, which was fully 16-bit under the hood. (And the IA-64/amd64 versions never had NTVDM at all)

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    Could "Windows 98 Second Edition (OEM Full)" have it's content renamed (zip and iso) to reflect that it's OEM?

    It's currently just "Microsoft Windows 98 Second Edition.7z".
  • Unfortunately renaming it would break the IPFS link, and I don't know how to properly add new/changed items to IPFS.
  • I have Windows 98 running on DosBox-X, using the installation instructions provided;

    While this works for me, YMMV

  • One Tip: use PCem or 86box Instead of VirtualBox or other virtualisation softwares for a better Gaming experience.
  • Cortex Cortexified only for select games. keep in mind that PCem/86box are emulators wheras something like VMware is a hypervisor
    oh yeah never use virtualbox, VMware is always better
  • Guys my Windows 98 SE is crashing. It is one of those 'Windows Protection Error' crashes. Please Help!
    (And btw i am running HyperV as my VM)
  • And to add to that, there is nothing else there. All it says exactly is 'Windows Protection Error. Please restart your computer.'
  • @SomeoneInteresting821
    Try using an emulator like 86Box or PCem instead of HyperV.
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