Windows 98 Second Edition



  • The first PC I bought was Schneider complete PC (2000). 8(!) MB ATI graphic card, 8 GB hard disk drive, CD-ROM drive, and, of course, as operating system, WIndows 98 Zweite Edition (German). I really loved Windows 98 (and still love it). Even so this OS was not secure (everyone could deleted or make new accounts). Since then I owned (OEM or bought), but mostly OEM versions): Windows ME, Windows XP Home Edition (32-bit), Windows 8.1 (64-bit).

    And have still Windows 8.1. I upgraded to Windows 10, but because of EXTREME use of Spy programs, first of all the famous Cortana stuff, and the Updates that install withOUT users knowledge and the user can not disable the automated updates. Windows 10 is THE BADDEST OS of ALL Windows versions! Then I installed Windows 8.1 again.

    Back to Windows 98: I installed years ago the German OEM version from this site. But it is really useless because I can not activate 3D acceleration. And therefor the system works VERY slow (usage of Windows Explorer etc.) and I can not play 3D stuff. No matter what I did on a Virtual PC it does not work.

    Had other users the same problems? I'd like to know how to solve these problems. Using operating system without 3D acceleration is really useless even so when you do not use 3D programs or games. The whole Windows system works in 'slow-motion' mode.

    I also tried Windows 95 and Windows ME. Still same problems: No 3D supports with virtual emulators. I had no luck with Windows 3.1 because I even could not install it properly.

    By the way, I am glad to have found site like this. It has all FREE OS's and applications. And everything is LEGAL.
  • if your thing say the errors like (this program preformed an ileage operation) or explore exe problems and your on virtual box 6.1, you need to downgrade 6.1 to 5.x it works like a charm with that version.
  • Does anyone know how well 98 SE would run on an Am5x86 P75 in PCem? My PC isn't good enough to emulate a Pentium, but a 486 works just fine. Asking because 95 OSR 2 runs really fast with it, not sure if 98 will do too.
  • Also forgot to ask if it'll run at full speed most of the time. Again, 95 does, not sure about 98.
  • Can confirm, works with PCem Emulator
  • @JamieDoesStuff Windows 98 SE does indeed run just fine with an Am5x86 P75. Hope you like PCem!
  • meanwhile me who used this iso to actually reinstall on a physical box
  • my stupid computer can't run virtualbox :/ its a problem with hyper-v or whatever, it's long and complicated... does anybody know how to get windows 98 without a virtual machine? ☮️
  • @jonirob

    yes, i looked into it and i downloaded 86box, but i keep on getting a 'no usable images found' notice. i downloaded the file from github but i don't know how to make it work. any advice? thanks ☮️
  • @brucedickinsonsfunnypancakes there's documentation available for it that explains it, it's linked in the program's help menu as well as on the github repo readme.
  • Windows 98 Second Edition (OEM Full) - second from the top:


    Worked for me...
  • mine says its missing w98setup.bin file help
  • For anyone asking about product keys, remember that they are literally displayed on the page lol
  • A copy of Windows 98 with debugging symbols:

    The CABs are dated April 1999, but the SYM files are dated April 1998. Will IDA Pro use them out of the box?
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