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    I still can't get Windows 98 Special Edition (OEM German) to work with the newest VirtualBox edition. Years ago, it worked very well. After reading the comments here (and the links), I think it has to do with the newest VirtualBox. The newest VM does not allow to install the Guest Additions anymore. I also tried Windows 95. Same problems. Does anyone know which VirtualBox older version had Guest Additions supported for Windows 9x. series?

    @02k-guy : To your link: .
    Is this version English only? I would install it but I need German version. If there are similar torrents with German langauge, I would know it. Unfortunately the information on is VERY confusing and useless.

    THank you!
  • @SecurityExpert The instructions at the link you are referencing are very detailed. The package includes the correct edition of VirtualBox to use, and includes the "Additions".

    You can use the language version of 98SE of your choosing, and follow the guidelines to re-create a similar environment on your own hardware.

    About all I got to say about the link. Good luck.
  • to @02k-guy : Thank you. I will try it again to be able to use Windows 98 SE. I hope I will understand the instructions ( (I am not an expert with DOS system installation procedures). As to language: Thank yo again. I now know that I can use German language of the operation system with the torrent file(s) then.
  • Can't go wrong with Select ISO.
  • I tried to use the Win98SE OEM Full CD and it is bootable. I get the first prompts to make sure I want to run it and then prompts for the Disk. A cannot get past that point. I also tried a boot floppy and run setup from that CD and get the same thing. I'll try the Select ISO.
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