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  • Key for Retail Full P8DJW-RQXXM-T8JCW-HFB29-4FK3Y
  • Thank you for the key.
  • Portuguese-Brazil ISO is not working, maybe it was not dumped correctly. I boot up with the provided floopy disk image and choose to install files from CD, but I get this message: "The Windows Setup files were not found." I tested English OEM Full and it's working.
  • I do agree that there are some versions of Windows ME that does not work correctly. I tested them myself, and its so annoying to find builds of Windows ME or other operating systems on this site which does not work.
  • If you see any actual problems with the images please report them, and be very specific about what the problem is.

    Please keep in mind that many perceived problems are due to incompatibles with modern virtualizers and failure to follow best practices (like copying the setup folder to the hard drive) when installing.
  • @ksio89
    I've just tested the Portuguese-Brazil ISO in 86Box, it installs and runs fine.
  • I only use English builds of Windows ME. I will only complain when I come across issues.
  • @SomeGuy Like I said, it just says Windows setup files could not be found. This also happens with all Win95 and Win98 ISOs that I've tested on VMware Workstation Player. And how do I copy the setup folder to the hard drive within DOS? What is the command and the syntax?
  • You need to format the partition. Then copy files to C:\Win95. You need to make a Win95 folder, then copy files to that folder location.
  • I created the partition using FDISK, but don't know how to format it, and neither how to create a folder and copy setup folder to it.
  • I found this article. Read it. It will help you on how to install and configure Windows 95. Here:
  • haha images are BSoD's
  • Regardless to the hype, Windows ME was one of the best MS OS' I've ever used! I have never had a problem with this OS and still install it on my vintage computers with 486, PIII and Athlon CPUs.

    Windows ME brought native support for USB along with a refined and more elegant GUI. It could restart to DOS after applying a quick patch and had better network support. It enjoyed device driver support from most, if not all, major hardware manufacturers.
  • @tech Windows 95 OSR 2.1 was the first OS which had native USB support.
  • retail upgrade does not have a key!
  • edited April 2021
    PLEASE Change the Pics to NORMAL Pics, because these Pics was very good, but BSOD Pics are not VERY Respect Windows Me. Thanks for your cooperation.
    (Do you see my name? I am a BIG fan of Windows Me. I have Dozens of Me VMs but they BSOD not even once.)
    P.S. These Boot Disks was very easy to modify, so you need to duplicate Several of them. (They often change to Win98 Boot Disks so they are disposable.)
    ANY system BSODs, but if you want them NOT to BSOD, just using it PROPERLY.
    Thanks. No Offense.
  • @tech yep:) I believe it
  • Do you still use windows me Windows Me Lover
  • I'm using it just for fun on an old pentium 200mhz with 96mb of ram. all versions of 95 and 98 work flawlessly. ME crashed during the first two tries of installing it!. on the third try it managed to install, but it kept crashing from time to time anyway. like you open explorer and the thing BSODs!. oh,by the way, my soundcard that always worked perfectly in plain DOS, win 3.1, and 9x, suddenly "doesn't exist" anymore. win ME removed support for it. I had to mess with the inf, drv and vxd files from 98 to get it to appear.
    the lack of an easy access to DOS gives me claustrophobia.
    anyway, now I'm looking for another iso because I think my ME cd is a beta or there's something wrong with it, it can't be that unstable and crashy, right?. so I'll try an english version. (I have the spanish version. and in my experience with 98SE, after months of using the spanish version and complaining "it's slower, it crashes more often, first edition was better" and everybody online telling me "SE is more stable and works better!", I tried the english version and IT IS better!!. for some reason 98SE spanish felt slower and had more crashes when I used it. now I've been using SE in english for years without a problem).
  • what is the key for OEM Full?
  • The Trad. Chinese Windows ME ISO on WinWorld is not legitimate as some folder dates in it are Sep 11, 2007, instead of Jun 8, 2000.
    I have a legit ISO of that right here:
  • Change the screenshots, dude. Windows ME deserves better. Its kernel might be crap, but its Explorer shell, together with Windows 2000 one, is what made Windows XP the legend it is today.

    Plus it's the only Win9x OS that works super well on VMware Workstation, with all sound and graphics ready after installing VMware Tools.
  • Microsoft Windows ME (4.90.3000) [Portuguese-Brazil] (ISO) contains several corrupt/broken files. See an example in the X:\cdsample\catalog\images\Related folder

    Here is a more reliable image with no corrupted files:
  • Anyone has a serial for Retail Full?
  • Hello what is the activation key for Microsoft Windows ME (4.90.3000) [French] (OEM)

  • old hack for microsoft keys of this era... you can enter all ones with 1 zero at the end of the prefix of the key. example 110-1111111111
  • That doesn't apply to Windows 98 or later, which used different keys.
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