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  • >Anyone has product key for 2000Pro Japanese?

    Oops I've found it in the forum:

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    Has anyone had problems with the audio in Virtualbox when installing Windows 2000 as a guest? Such as, it is there, but super delayed. One example of that is when you click on the volume slider to hear the sound, which should be instant, but it delayed as mentioned above. I just thought to mention that. For the most part, the Guest Additions work, but the problem seems to be only the audio.

    Edit 1: And this is with the second latest version of Virtualbox which is 6.1.20, as there is now 6.1.22 which released on April 29th. I will add another edit to see if the version change fixes this issue.
  • For those of you who need the upgrade key, here it is : TXY8C-9X778-9BJ3T-6F2DC-332YF :smile:
    i tried everything and none worked
  • Which CD contains the file 'IIS_finance.asp1' in the directory 'i386'?
  • Windows 2000 SP4 OEM German is corrupted, it aborts at loading the cdrom.sys driver in setup.
    The ISO on works (and is much smaller):
  • Off hand I don't see anything wrong with the ISO on winworld. On the other hand, that one on archive org has been modified. I recommend avoiding that one.
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    The Windows 2000 Professional SP4 OEM German ISO on WinWorld is not corrupted, I've just tested it.

  • product key for windows 2000 pro v.5.00.2195.1?
  • The earlier keys posted for the "Windows 2000 Professional (with SP4) (Retail)" English version did not work for me, this key however worked great:


    Hope that helps someone.
  • Want to point out some things,
    -Win2KPro SP4 Italian seems to be modified, it looks like it has been modded in 2005 with nLite with a Windows 2000 Pro SP2 Italian ISO.
    -Win2KPro SP4 German looks like it has a Windows 2000 Pro SP3 German label, possibly another nLited ISO?
    -Win2KPro SP4 Turkish... I'm not sure on that one. Maybe it's modified since it has a Windows 2000 Pro RTM Turkish label? Not sure.
  • RBDC9-VTRC8-D7972-J97JY-PRVMG error
  • The setup doesn't seem to go past "Setup is starting Windows" for 2000 advanced server on VMware
  • Anyone have a serial key for Datacenter Server?
  • When im done with the Windows Setup Blue Screen, when im now at the setup, im stuck at the window that says "Please wait..." How do you solve it?
  • @Winfanforlife Windows 2000 needs to stay in the blue screen interface for a few minutes when installing, which is normal
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    text setup interface gets stuck on 'setup is starting windows 2000', does it need changing the bios?
    edit: i'm using vmware
  • i fixed it by switching to virtualbox
  • SOLVED: Using VMware Workstation 16.2x -> Make sure to remove the Network Adapter, USB Hub and Printer before starting and installing. Once the installation has completed, you can add them back.
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    Here's a Tutorial to install it: (PCem) (Any Version & Language & Service pack)

    Btw Pre-Beta To Beta 2 Was Windows NT 5.0 (Beta 3 to RC2 Is Labeled "NT 5.0" And idk)
  • I have a chinese w2k upgrade how can I upload it?
  • I have a chinese Windows 2000 SP4
  • How long will it take to upgrate from windows98
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