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  • Man, I only spent $110 on the PC... I just used scrapped parts...

    IE: The Video card, drives, monitor were all scrapped from my P3.

    You should do that too.
  • I'm hoping to find 2 PIII's, Ebay a dualie board, compile the components and use that.
  • I have three PCs that are used for gaming. One for taking to lan partys, one for my own home use gaming and a extra crapy one for just in case some one I invite doesn't bring their PC.

    The P4 I take the lan partys.
    The AMD 64 is used for at home.
    The other one is a crapy ass Cryrix MIII at 550MHz.
  • wtf, people bring there pcs to your house?
  • Me? TCP has LAN parties... I don't think that's too odd.
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  • Just got a P3 1.0GHz, be prepared for major upheavel over Christmas break!
  • i own some custom built
    256 mb ram
    windows xp
    1 ghz
  • Very nice.

    Its good but not that nice.
  • I suppose, for a primary PC, you're right. Needs more RAM.
  • Tomchu wrote:
    nightice wrote:
    Steve wrote:
    Noone would pick a Pentium IV over an Athlon 64.
    If you're using dual graphics cards in SLI mode, you're pretty much limited to Intel. But you have to have a pretty damn good reason to spend $900 on graphics cards.

    Wrong: Nforce 4.

    Btw, no one should listen to Fish when it comes to things like FSBs, PCI, overclocking, etc. :P

    I said he shouldnt do it unless the PCI clock is locked. But since its an el cheapo mobo I have the feeling that OCing the FSB is also doing everything else. Being an applebred the multiplier is locked, and I havent figured out how to unlock those yet..

    Time for me to start googling :)
  • Yeah find out for me Fish. :) Then'll really get some nice speeds... But 1.6 to 1.8 ain't bad either. :)
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  • I have many computers, my best one (though old and ready to be updated soon) has the following specs:

    - Old Gateway2000 ATX server tower
    - 3.5'' and 5.25'' floppy drives
    - TDK 24x10x50 burner
    - AMD Athlon XP 1600+
    - 512MB PC133 SDRAM
    - 80gig 7200rpm 8meg and 20gig 5400rpm 2meg
    - some generic 350w PSU
    - older MSI motherboard
    - Windows 2000 w/SP4

    I am soon getting a new hard drive, hopefully a 250gig 7200rpm 8meg buffer... :cool:
  • Ryzen 7 3700x
    32GB DDR4 3200MHz SDRAM
    1TB SSD M.2 NVMe
    4TB Barracuda
    GTX 1660 Ti
    B450 Plus

    10gig 2x SPF+ NIC, for fiber intranet
    RTX 3080 xD

    PD: sorry :)
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