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  • There is a severe lack of GNOME in this thread.

  • I was not kidding when I said I use CDE on Debian Linux.

    It's very fast, very simple and easy to use and pretty much I don't see myself using any other window manager because this does everything I want.
    I am quite happy it is still being updated. Some recent updates enabled the ability to use jpegs and pngs as the backdrop. I haven't figured out which method to save a png, it results in a blue-only colored background. Jpeg works fine though. Still have to save it to the exact resolution of the screen pre-xp style.
    Only problem is systemd is a total meanie and doesn't allow dtlogin daemon to start automatically. So I'll probably have to create a new systemd script to handle that.
    Nonetheless, when Windows 8.1 series falls out of all support I will move onto this setup.

    Now to set it to DE-DE. I know I compiled it for DE-DE loc.

  • Ahh, that looks wonderful. I'm gonna have to try and get that up and running one of these days, perhaps in a VM just to figure out its quirks before I start running it on real hardware.

  • Well, the biggest flaw with CDE is its lack of thread control. If you happen to have a process that goes rogue consuming hefty resources and then goes unresponsive, the whole system will be bogged down. For instance, script-heavy sites on a web browser.

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    My 14" T61 with Windows XP Pro. I customized it with the Energy Blue theme from XP Media Center Edition:


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