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  • There is a severe lack of GNOME in this thread.

  • I was not kidding when I said I use CDE on Debian Linux.

    It's very fast, very simple and easy to use and pretty much I don't see myself using any other window manager because this does everything I want.
    I am quite happy it is still being updated. Some recent updates enabled the ability to use jpegs and pngs as the backdrop. I haven't figured out which method to save a png, it results in a blue-only colored background. Jpeg works fine though. Still have to save it to the exact resolution of the screen pre-xp style.
    Only problem is systemd is a total meanie and doesn't allow dtlogin daemon to start automatically. So I'll probably have to create a new systemd script to handle that.
    Nonetheless, when Windows 8.1 series falls out of all support I will move onto this setup.

    Now to set it to DE-DE. I know I compiled it for DE-DE loc.

  • Ahh, that looks wonderful. I'm gonna have to try and get that up and running one of these days, perhaps in a VM just to figure out its quirks before I start running it on real hardware.

  • Well, the biggest flaw with CDE is its lack of thread control. If you happen to have a process that goes rogue consuming hefty resources and then goes unresponsive, the whole system will be bogged down. For instance, script-heavy sites on a web browser.

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    My 14" T61 with Windows XP Pro. I customized it with the Energy Blue theme from XP Media Center Edition:


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    Yes, my mobile daily driver is now dual booting Windows 98SE and Windows XP. My T60 has backlight issues so this will do. The only real issue is the lack of RAM.

    Tried Q4OS (with Trinity) but I found it idled at about 350 MB of RAM so NT 5.x is now a better legacy option than modern Linux. I really wanted Windows 2000 or Server 2003 but the former was out due to a lack of RAM to run multiprocess browser sessions (to deal with occasional crashes) and the latter was rejected by my wireless router (probably due to older crypto libraries than POSReady 2009).

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    My new NUC running Fedora 32 with GNOME:

  • Corel Linux 1.0 desktop (1999), running in PCem.

  • Debian 10 with MATE running with 16GiB of RAM and a 160GB SSD.
  • Win95 (1995) running in PCem:

    My daily driver's desktop:

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